Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

I am so thankful for the sunshine we have had the last couple of days. The sunshine during the day and the big full beautiful moons in the evenings! Have you looked out? Last night's was bright orange when it first appeared. Out here where there are few street lights I find myself looking up all the time at the expanse above me. Whether it's clouds floating by, or a sunset over the pond, or sunrise over by the big red barn, or the bright moon at night, it's magnificent.

Seems like spring really sprang yesterday. :) The kids had Classical Conversations, and I decided to take them. The last several weeks the other mothers have pitched in and taken my children for me so I could rest at home, but I decided it was better for my sanity yesterday to get out with them. It certainly beat sitting on the couch thinking, "Is that contraction a real one?" or "Is Allie okay in Charlotte this week?" I just needed the diversion. And the kids were so excited that mommy was actually going with them this time. We all enjoyed seeing our friends, and during the break Penelope picked some wildflowers just for me. :) She said the "pupple" went well with my tie dye skirt. :)

I love that girl's spunk. I mean that really is the best word for it. Some would say "strong willed", and some would say "spirited", but I say spunky. While I know she, like all children, requires discipline, I wouldn't change that spunky kid one bit. I love her spirit. Figuring out how to help her challenge all that energy and curiosity will be so much fun.

Anyway, after CC, one of the families invited us all over to their house for lunch and a birthday celebration for their daughter Verity. Here's my Sam with the birthday girl:

He had sunshine and a corn dog. What else does a little boy need?

We left from the Calaguires house and went to pick up Daddy from work so he could take us to our new family doctor in Fayetteville, TN. We met Dr. Gilbert Ghearing through the midwife we were using there. She recommended him to do the ultrasound because he was "the smartest doctor around" and he had lots of children and homeschooled them all. We loved him from the start. Even Brian was impressed with him, and he isn't as easily impressed as I am. :) Anyway, though Dr. Ghearing is a little further away, we trust him and have decided that he will be the new family doctor for all eight of us. We had Maggie (she's going by "Margaret" now, I forget that!) checked out as an introductory visit yesterday. She is healthy as a horse, just as we suspected. :)

I mean, does it get more beautiful than Maggie James Rodgers? She is usually the first one up in the mornings and the few minutes we get to talk she calls our "special time". I love it and her.

Everyone was hungry for dinner when we left the doctor's office, so we picked up some food and took it to a nearby park. What a lovely evening. I think Tennessee may very well be the prettiest state, with its rolling hills and farms and pastures. I love driving around up there.

Needless to say we were all exhausted when we got home. What a full day! My amazing man let me crawl into bed while he tucked the kids in and went out to milk the goats. He is always doing wonderful things. The other night we had plenty of leftovers to make a meal, but I was seriously craving a big juicy burger, so he brought one home for me and everyone else ate leftovers. That's just the stuff he does. I am blessed by him. Or spoiled. Not sure which. :)

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