Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Mail

Another blessing of this week has been some happy mail I've received. It's so neat how God is interested in the very details of our lives. He knows how to delight our souls just when we need it. He has given me happy diversions to keep me from fretting over all these pre labor symptoms I have every time in the last few weeks, and from missing my sweet Allie. (By the way, isn't she gorgeous?? She comes home tonight and I am ecstatic about it!) :)

Anyway, I love getting "real" mail, especially happy mail, especially from people that I love. This week I've gotten THREE real, happy mails from people I love! First my cousin's wife Kearsie made this doll for Bethany and sent it in the mail:

Then my Grandmother June sent an article to me that made her think of me. :) Isn't that sweet when people find something and clip it out and send it to you because it made them think of you?

Then, my Aunt Susie and Uncle David sent me some delicious coffee and chocolate just as a happy. :) It definitely made me happy!!

I think I will get some pretty notecards today and think of happy mail I can send out to keep this happiness circulating. :)


  1. You have some very thoughtful people in your life, people who love you and who pray for you regularly. What a blessing!

  2. Julie (I'm a friend of your Mom's as well as a former student of Dexter's). Your blog posts almost always bring me to the edge of tears.
    Thanks for taking the time to write them and to share your beautiful thoughts (and your precious family).

    1. So sweet Tangie! Thanks for getting in touch! I'm glad it encourages you. That's my hope every time I write. :)