Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mothering Sam

Each of my children is so unique. Our nursing experiences have all been unique, too. I would definitely say that so far, Samuel has been the easiest and best little nurser. We love it! Which is why I was shocked about a week ago when I realized that his weight gain had slowed down considerably. He was trucking along, gaining every day, then plateaued and seemed not to want to gain any more for now. At ten weeks- way too early to stop gaining weight! I started being concerned last week, so I started taking More Milk Plus supplement but kept eating like I had been and probably not drinking enough water. :( Over the camping weekend, he actually lost weight. Not good. So I got really serious about it a couple of days ago. I've added GoLacta supplement, Fenugreek, and Mothers Milk Tea to the arsenal of galactagogues (sp? such a funny word. . . means it helps your body make milk.) I've also been given the goal of 2400 calories a day, which is actually really hard to accomplish! I'm guessing I had been consuming closer to 1500 a day and working out. No wonder, huh?? Apparently his sweet little brain needs lots of long chain fatty acid foods. So today I ate cashews, guacamole, whole milk, eggs, and oatmeal. I made a smoothie out of whole milk, frozen blueberries, Ovaltine, and whey protein. My thighs may be huge by the time it's all said and done, but my precious Sam will be healthy and strong. : ) The things we do for love. . .

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