Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Catching Up

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged! Life has been hectic at our house, with starting another school year and adjusting to a new member of the family in addition to the general craziness that comes with a family of seven. :)

Brian and I celebrated our five year anniversary on August 18. I was speaking at the Bright Lights mom's meeting on the actual night of our anniversary, so Brian had the girls. He took them to the mall and let them help pick out some really cool gifts for me. They went to a store called Earth Bound and bought me a rainstick and some cute clothes. Here I am wearing the wrap skirt and one of the shirts on our official Anniversary Date! We ate at Surin of Thailand. Afterwards we went to a park to swing and watch the sunset. Sam was with us since he's still such a young nursling. :)

A week or so ago, my friend Julia came over and took some pictures of the children and me. I can't believe how blessed I am!!

Also, I've been doing a few things here and there to add some beauty to our usually-messy house. Our kitchen is one of the places I really wish were different, so to add some brightness to it I bought some fabric for curtains. I thought the fabric was absolutely beautiful and bright. Brian said it was the ugliest fabric in the store. The lady who checked us out said, "These look like my Grandmother's sheets!" Hmmmm. Did she mean that as a compliment or. . . ?? What do you all think? I think it's lovely. :)

Of course, I LOVE 70's looking stuff. I recently inherited some dishes from my Mom that I love from the 70's, and a quilt my grandmother made probably in the 70's. I should have been a hippie.

I like old Golden Books and this set of The Bible Story books. I still have Volumes 1-10 from my childhood. We read from them every day at breakfast!

Last weekend, we took a spur-of-the-moment camping trip to Buck's Pocket with our friends The Nelsons. They have six (almost seven!) children and we have five. What a BLAST!! Here they all are, having a fabulous time. The weather was perfect! Could not have asked for a better time.

Can't wait to see what adventure is up next. . .


  1. "I should have been a hippie."

    Sweet Friend, YOU are a hippie!!! And me and so many others LOVE that about you!!! :)

    I wish I had a little bit more hippie in me!!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I love that you are not a hippie. :) Dont change a thing about you! the best friends are usually opposites! :)

  3. That picture of all your kids together with the campout is hilarious!!! All those kids from two families. What a fabulous photo!

  4. I am like you I am in love with 70's decor, so funky. I agree with Jennifer you ARE a hippie and I think its awesome. My attitude about raising children is pretty relaxed and easygoing, but nothing else in my life is. Wish I was more free spirited, but I am definately control freakish :)