Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I need to be cleaning this filthy house. . .

. . . but instead I'm posting pictures on my blog. :) The house hasn't been filthy for long. In fact, earlier this week it was SOOO clean and organized, I almost didn't even recognize it. :) Then Wednesday came, the day I took all four girls to the YMCA indoor pool and let them swim. . . came home too exhausted to clean. Then Thursday came, the day I took all four girls to the OB/GYN with me because my sitter is out of town. . . came home too exhausted to clean. Then Friday came, the day we had Zumba and a playdate at the park. . . came home too exhausted to clean. You get the picture. Also I can't stand for very long without my feet swelling up like balloons and turning blue. Varicose veins. They are lovely.

Tonight I would clean, because I got the little three down for the night and Brian and Allie are gone so the house is quiet. . . but we celebrated birthdays and went grocery shopping today, which means that now we have groceries and gifts and dirty laundry that need to be dealt with. . . also means my feet are swollen and blue and I must sit for awhile.

Brian and Allie are gone to a Daddy/Daughter Dance with American Heritage Girls. They looked so adorable when they left the house. Our neighbor Ms. Sally gave Allie this dress that I'm pretty sure she bought in the early 80s, but Allie adores it and wears it every chance she gets. :) The coat I picked out for Brian a few years ago because I loved loved loved it. Doesn't he look cute? Don't they look all springy and sweet? I love it. I hope they are having a fabulous time.

How about these sweet baby girls enjoying their birthday cupcakes. Penelope turned two and Rosemary turned one during the month of February. I can't believe my girls are growing up. :)

I also decided that I will be wearing my hair in pig tails a lot in the coming however-long. My hair has only been long enough to pull it off in the last year or so, and I'm loving it. Cuter than just a ponytail, at least I think so. Hey, you do what you can to feel cute when you're sporting an extra 20 pounds. :)

Alright, enough about birthdays and dances and pigtails. To the laundry. . .


  1. Love the pigtails; you look sooo cute!

  2. Happy Birthday to the girls!!! Love the pigtails!!! You can drop your kiddos off anytime!!! I am serious, the more the merrier. :)