Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, March 4, 2011

One Thousand Gifts: Day One

1) The blushing blossoms on this tree that I get to see every time I look out our window- the one that springs into life while everything else is still asleep
2) The first yellow buttercups popping out of buds, signifying an end to winter and a new beginning
3) The feeling of rest and relief that twilight brings- how colorful, how settling it is

4) Blocks of letters that burst into life when the hand forms words with them, words with meaning and depth and life
5) Seeing a mind stretch and grow
6) Maggie, eager to learn how to spell "duck" and "car" and being amazed when she sees them in blocks

7) Baby feet dangling off the edge of a highchair
8) Chubby little legs
9) Arms that hug me and a head that rests on my chest in contentment when I hold her
10) Rosie's belly laughs
11) When she stands up in her crib at the end of naptime and reaches her hands out for me
12) How she "talks" to Penelope
13) Her curious face
14) Those sweet baby teeth
15) The smell of her baby breath

16) That expectant face across the table
17) New words, new phrases, every day
18) The sound of those words and her voice today- I know it will change before I can blink and she will sound mature, not innocent and childlike the way she does today
19) The mind in her that is always working, always active, always moving and learning and reaching
20) How wide her eyes get when she is asking a question or telling me something and awaiting my response

21) My people- my family- the ones I love and who love me, whom God has so graciously placed in my family
22) A heart other than mine beating inside me, my womb filled with life
23) The little lives that have come forth from our marriage
24) How we all fit together just as perfectly as banana grams
25) A God who knows what other names there will be one day

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