Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Sunday, March 13, 2011

100 Days, 100 Posts

Since there are approximately 100 days until Samuel makes his entrance into the world, and since I'm the type who likes to commemorate things like that :), my goal is to post every day from now until he gets here. Many days it will be short and sweet I'm sure. :) Tonight I'll just tell you a little about our wonderful weekend.

Saturday was so beautiful!! I think it got up to around 70 degrees and we enjoyed beautiful sunshine all day long. We spent the morning with our care group from Sunday school, doing something we really enjoy called Community Day or Barn-Raising. :) There are 5 families in our care group, and one Saturday a month we go to one of the family's homes to help with spring cleaning, renovations, yard work, etc. Saturday was a perfect day for working in the Powells' yard. The kids ran and played in the sunshine while we pulled weeds, raked, blew leaves, and mowed. We were so energized by that and the weather that we spent the afternoon getting things done at our house, too. Well, I say "we". I cleaned out this chest of drawers that my Mom and Dad gave me that has been holding china and stuff we never use, pretty much just collecting dust in our living room. Then Brian spent the next several hours sanding it down so we can repurpose it as something fun and functional. We took the cabinet doors off the hinges and plan to leave it open, with children's books in it that the kids can access any time of day. I plan to put puzzles and games in the drawers under the shelves. Brian finished sanding it this weekend, but he still has to varnish it before it can go back in the living room. I will be sure to post a finished product. :) Here is my skilled carpenter doing his thing on the back deck:

Saturday evening, there was a GORGEOUS sunset to watch, cool breeze to feel, and precious girls playing on the swing set to listen to giggling and having fun. Ahhh, springtime. Allie entertained us with "circus tricks" on her rope swing while I pushed Maggie, Penelope and Rosemary on the swings and Brian worked on the deck. What a perfect night.

Sunday was another lovely day. I took pictures of the girls all dressed up for church. Rosie is missing because she was still having breakfast. :)

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  1. So glad you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed this gorgeous weather God blessed us with. The "barn raising" is a really neat idea too and I'm sure it is a blessing to you all.