Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, March 14, 2011

99 Days: Getting our Irish On

So, I love St. Patrick's Day. It's like my second favorite holiday next to Fourth of July. Not exactly sure why, since I'm not even sure I'm 0.005% Irish. It's probably because there's not much drama or menu planning or stressful gift selection or schedule coordinating involved, just fun and relaxation. Tackiness and silliness are allowed. Which I need on a day like today. Today was stressful. Parenting is hard. Training children to be responsible is hard. Training them just to keep up with their stuff is hard. It was one of those hard days. So it was really cool to open up a package tonight from Brian's sister, our awesome Aunt Valerie. Check out the St. Patty's Day loot!!

Each child had her own little green bag with a shamrock name tag. So cute!

They each got hats, beads, stickers, erasers. . .

. . . and shamrock straws (that's what's in Allie's mouth. It was a stressful day, but no, she's not smoking.)

Sweet baby Rosie approved of her St. Pat's hat too. :) Aunt Valerie also knitted beautiful flower hats for the girls. . .

Sadly, this is the only one I got a picture of just yet. There was just too much partyin' going on to ask everyone to sit still for hat pictures. :) This one has little dragonflies knitted into it. SO CUTE. Thanks Aunt Valerie! More St. Patty's craziness to come later. . .

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  1. The line about Allie smoking was too funny! Sorry it was a hard day! I have those too!!! I feel you're pain! I was thinking about the fact that when Samuel gets here you and I will have the same girl/boy ratio only in reverse...me 1 boy 4 girls, you 4 girls 1 boy! Cool, huh?!