Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feeling Creative

I have just a little of a creative side when I want to. I know you can't tell by my plain-looking blog, but let's blame that on my lack of computer knowledge and blog-savvyness (saviete? what is the word I'm looking for. . . ?) And maybe you can't tell by my house or clothes either but let's blame that on the fact that I have almost five children and a tiny little budget for decor and fashion.  Anyway, deep down inside I do have a very creative spirit. :) Thanks to some lovely people, I have recently had the chance to tap into it.

My mother in law Naomi loves all kinds of paper crafts. She's extremely creative and talented. She sends the most amazing cards to people and scrapbooks beautiful pages. She spent the night Thursday night and we "crafted". I used some of the paper she had given me at Christmas to make tiny little envelopes. I plan to send them out in the month of February to people I love and hopefully spread a little cheer. Check them out:

I want to just put one sentence in each one about why I think that person rocks. Hopefully it will make their day. I'm looking for cute stamps to use to complete the package. . .

While Naomi was here, she gave me some time to go to the new JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts by myself. Oh joy! I got a few cool things. :) I got this baby quilt kit for making Sam a quilt- 50% off!! How cute is it?? Maybe I should start with a kit like this that's specifically "for beginners":

These are some other fabric scraps I had found a few weeks ago for a smaller baby blanket:

I love orange! Don't you?? Anyway, at JoAnn's I got this matstack that was so me. :) I can't wait to see what I can create with it:

On Friday I also received a package in the mail from my amazingly talented, loving, thoughtful, generous sister in law Valerie. She sends the girls sweet packages in the mail from time to time that totally make our day. She had sent some things for Valentine's Day for the girls, and had knitted a few lovely items too. Check out the scarf she made for me and the shrug she made for Rosemary!!

Such talent. She has an Etsy shop- her name is Jamiesval. Check it out! She makes gorgeous hats.

My other sister in law Shelly surprised me recently with this gem- my own teapot!! She was here at Christmas and we were talking about tea, but I was lamenting the fact that I didn't have a teapot or any gourmet tea blends. A few weeks later, she sent me this lovely lavender teapot with Peppermint Tea, Red Hot Hibiscus Tea (my favorite!) and Get Well Tea- all from The Jasmine Pearl. That totally made my day.

Okay so I got on a tangent talking about my fabulous sisters in law. Back to the sparks of creativity. . . As I was mulling over all these creative ideas in my head, we decided to watch "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" for family movie night on Friday night. YOU REALLY SHOULD SEE THAT MOVIE. SO cute. SO imaginative. Natalie Portman's character in that movie is so loveable. Her style inspires me. Just watch it and you'll know what I mean. One quote from Mr. Magorium really sums up the whole movie: "Life is an occasion. Rise to it."

Check out the sock monkey on his shoulder. I just love sock monkeys, don't you? I need to start making some for Sam. I'm going to make sock monkeys for Sam and dolls like this for the girls:

I'm writing all this down in The Happy Book. Another genius purchase. It's a journal to celebrate what makes you happy. It has pages for your favorite stickers, ticket stubs to concerts or movies you enjoyed, and your favorite candy wrappers. It has pages where you doodle happy things like rainbows and smiley faces. It has pages where you lists things like "Words You Wish Everyone Used" and "Books You Loved as a Child", "Intangible Gifts People Gave You", etc. It has project ideas, such as organizing a Cupcake Crawl or Ice Cream Crawl around town; learn a unique compliment in another language; make a Happy Bulletin Board; send someone a silly present like a box of Thin Mints or seeds to grow daisies or a package of scratch n sniff stickers. It's such a fun book. It will surely get anyone's creative juices flowing:

Creating really releases tension. I have found that when I'm worried, anxious, or stressed, if helps to create something cute or fun or lovely. I'm so thankful I got to tap into that a little this weekend. Looking at creation, I KNOW that God is extremely creative. Just look at all the different colors in nature and flowers and animals! Since we were made in His image, I like to think that I am showing the world a little of what God is like when I create something.


  1. I want to be more like you! :) Love your mother-in-law and sister-in-laws!

  2. I love all of this!! And I can't wait to get to JoAnne's when I get back in town!