Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The next time you have $40. . . .

. . . try spending it as creatively as I did today. :)

We decided to go to Mary Mac Farms today to pick blueberries (thanks for the suggestion Jessica!). I knew we would need cash, so I got "quick cash" from our ATM- the least amount you can get is $40. How much was our blueberry picking experience? $7 for tons of blueberries. How much money do I have left? $3. This is why I don't carry cash.

Bruegger's Blueberry Bagel and Large Coffee for breakfast = $3
3 lbs Blueberries = $7
The Spirograph, 2  pocket knives, harmonica, craft paper and blueberry cookbook I got at the little yard sale at Mary Mac = $3
Medicine from Walgreen's for summer colds = $10
My "quick stop" into Far East Market to get Jasmine Tea, where I also found chopsticks, Jasmine and Rose soap, shower mitt, coconut soda, instant Miso soup and 2 packs of Hot N Spicy Asian Ramen noodles = $12
Allie losing her first molar today and me being the generous Tooth Fairy that I am = $2

All that random excitement for < $40 = PRICELESS

I mean, come on, a harmonica for 25 cents??? How awesome is that? Even Maggie can play it! Hours of family fun.

The Queen of Random strikes again.

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  1. You are so the queen of random! One of the many reasons why I love you! And Grace would love the Asian Market! And I'm sure Lyla will too when we go get her!