Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rosemary. . . and other Herbs :)

When my sister first called and suggested the name "Rosemary" for girl #4 (a combination of two family names), I thought it was cute, but didn't just "love" it. Funny, the more I thought about it and other names we were contemplating, Rosemary just became the only one that fit. It grew on me to the point that there was simply no other name in the world I could call her. I'm so thankful. I didn't want to name her anything that I only halfway liked. Rebekah was a name that Brian really liked, but again I didn't "love" until I started this Patriarchs Bible study by Beth Moore and we studied Isaac and Rebekah. Then it stuck. Rosemary Rebekah she became. It seems to fit her, even from inside my womb.

Allie's first reaction was, "Rosemary? But that's a spice!" :) True, we have been growing rosemary for three years now. There was a rosemary plant already planted in the ground when we got here, and I've kept some in pots on the back porch. I like growing herbs. They are heartier and easier to grow than vegetables, I think. After three years of trying it all, herbs seem to be the only thing I can grow. And rosemary has been the heartiest herb. You practically can't kill it (a very good thing for me :)). It is delicious on chicken and smells soooo good. My prayer for Rosemary is that she will be hearty and strong like the plant, and that her life will be a beautiful, fragrant aroma to God.

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