Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quiet as a Mouse??

Yesterday I started a new devotional called "Father, I Long for a Heart that Dances." I'm loving it so far! But I had to share a funny story about my first day in the new devotion.

I got the younger two down for a nap, and Allie went outside to play, so I found myself with probably an hour of uninterrupted quiet time. Although I had done Day One that morning, I really enjoyed it and felt the need for extra time with the Lord so I went downstairs, got comfortable on top of my bed, and started Day Two. The opening lines were, "Silence and solitude are the great secrets to knowing God intimately. They are almost lost arts in the twenty-first century. Have you learned to be still? This phrase means to stop, let go, and relax. The Lord is inviting you to be still. Why? Because He wants to reveal Himself to you. As you begin today's study, ask the Lord to quiet your heart and speak to you." So I prayed a short prayer asking God to quiet and calm me and help me to focus on Him. When I opened my eyes, I saw something small but quick, scurrying along the bedroom floor. A MOUSE!!!!! And he was headed my direction! EWWWWW!!!! Suddenly I got that chill up and down my spine- you know the one, where you imagine that there are 100 mice crawling all over you. All you feel are their little feet and their furry little tails. Oh my goodness. I was sort of freaked out. Then I had to smile at the humor in it all. Here I was, trying to "be still" before the Lord, and this tiny mouse was trying his hardest to keep me from it. So I went back to my study, asking God to help me forget about the mouse for a moment. Every moment or so though, I saw him skimming over by the window, then behind the bed, then down the hall, into another room, then back again, darting in and out of rooms. Each time he caught my attention, I thought, "is that the same mouse, or are there like 10 mice in our house??" Somehow, I got through the study, read my Bible, talked to God. . . . all while keeping one eye on the mouse. And making a mental note to get Brian to get RID of the mouse when he got home. I thought I caught him later between the storm door and the regular door in our bedroom. Ahhhh, I thought. I caught him myself. No worries. He can't go anywhere. . . until I laid down to go to sleep last night. There was definitely a mouse scurrying around near the bed. Brian was sleeping so soundly and here I was, asking God to calm my heart so that I could maybe get some sleep. . . and to help me not to step on a mouse in the morning. Eeeeekk!!!!!

(NOTE: This is the first mouse I've ever seen in our house. Please don't be afraid to come over, as I don't think we are mouse-infested or anything. :))

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