Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Mommy-Daughter Date

Allie and I had the serendipitous opportunity for a Mommy-Daughter Date last night. It was wonderful. She has been gone to Charlotte, NC to see her dad and stepmom for the last five weeks. I have missed her so much my heart ached. Now she is back and I want nothing more than to savor each moment with my daughter who is growing up so very fast. As I'm writing this, she's a few feet away from me popping bubbles coming out of the bubble machine. She comments, "Bubbles don't last long, do they Momma?" "No," I reply, "But they are lovely while they last." Ironic little conversation with my big girl. :) She is eleven today, but tomorrow she will be graduating from Rodgers University and casting her net out into the wide world. She is eleven today. I will enjoy it.

We tagged along with a group of ladies from our church who were going to P.F. Chang's at Bridge Street. We got there a little early so we could walk around and visit our then-favorite-store, Anthropologie. We especially love the housewares and oh, the aprons. Who doesn't love this stuff???

Dinner at P.F. Chang's was great, we heard a neat devotional from a lady at our church, then we slipped out for a few more moments of scrumptious Mommy-Daughter time.  There we discovered our new favorite store, Altar'd State. Wow. I had no idea that place was so amazing!!

When we walked in, we were loving the fashions. Beautiful feminine loveliness everywhere we looked. We wanted to buy each dress we saw. :) Then I started hearing something that sounded like Christian music coming through the speakers? Could it be?? As we made our way to the back of the store, we found the most beautiful, inspiring home decor by Kelly Rae Roberts. This stuff was even better than Anthropologie!! Check out this couch, and that sign! LOVE LOVE LOVE the inspiration of being a "possibilitarian". LOVE.

Then I noticed the Bibles, devotionals, and Christian books. The inspiring messages everywhere we went. The free trade scarves, the Toms shoes. We were in heaven. It wasn't until on the way out that we noticed the sign on the outside that said, "Where faith and fashion come together." How cool is that. I definitely want to go back and support that super cool store.

I'm so thankful I got some time with my amazing little girl. I adore the person she is becoming.

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