Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So, I've had tons of things to blog about, but just when I start to blog I find that someone else has said what I feel, only they've said it way better and more beautifully than I ever could. :) So today I will be a copycat and simply share what a few other great writers have written, with a few comments of my own on the side. :)

This girl blogged about why she (still) homeschools. . . she may have started homeschooling for numerous reasons, but now she continues homeschooling because she loves being around her kids. My thoughts exactly, only she says it better. :) You can read it here:
I love being the one who determines their curriculum, goes over their spelling words with them, and reads all their papers. Not that it would be "bad" for someone else to be doing it, but because I want to.

This girl blogged about dressing in freedom, and it inspired me. I've had some thoughts about appearances lately, what kind of priority appearance should be given in my own life and demonstrated for my children. The priorities that I have regarding appearance will most likely become their priorities. You can read her thoughts here:
And you should know that today I dressed in a skirt, not because I am bound by some rule book but because my husband and children like when I display my femininity in that way. My husband likes naturally colored hair so I don't dye it. He likes it long so I rarely cut it. My children LOVE when mommy looks like a girl so I wear skirts and dresses often. It pleases me to do those things and I think they glorify God. So today I wore a skirt. In freedom.

I'm doing Sarah Mae's challenge. I hope you will consider doing it too! Enjoy!

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