Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mountain High Love

Brian and I found ourselves at Bridge Street last weekend in Mountain High Outfitters. Although it's Father's Day and Brian's birthday next week, of course I fell in love with the women's stuff. No I didn't buy anything, partly because we were looking for him and partly because their stuff is so expensive!! One day though I wouldn't mind owning a few threads from there. :) Look at this cute skirt! The material is also so lightweight, you would feel like you had nothing on. Ahhhh. . .

And this sundress, how great is that?!?

What about the headband. I actually saw these that night and wanted one, but wasn't paying $20 for it.

Yes, Mountain High can outfit me anytime. Maybe I can convince them to give me a discount if I paint our car with Mountain High logos all over it, or stand outside their store in a mountain costume waving at people and telling them about the specials or something. Then again maybe I should just save my money. :)

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