Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Days: Etsy Love

I love Etsy. I've found so many cool artists and artisans who have inspired me to try to find my own artist within. She's lurking in there somewhere, I just have to find her. :) Meanwhile, I'm enjoying other people's art. It really all started when I was looking for bedding for Samuel. I still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for, because honestly what I find at Babies R Us and other nursery stores is just. . . well, cheap looking. Or hokey. I thought I wanted to do a monkey theme (think Curious George, because I LOVE Curious George), but all the monkey themed stuff is just kinda lame. I've felt the same way shopping for baby boy bedding as I always feel when I walk into the Disney store. Lame. I just don't do stuff with Disney characters on it. It just seems lame. (have I overused that word yet? :)) In my quest for cute fabrics on Etsy, I found some that I really liked:

Isn't that cute?? That's really the only "boyish" fabric I found, but that one led me to these other adorable fabrics. . .

Eventually I found this awesome dress made out of some of the vintage fabrics, at which point I realized I had to focus back on "boy stuff" :)- but isn't this an AWESOME dress??  I LOVE it!!

While on Etsy, I found some really COOL artwork that I would love to put up in the girls' rooms. This first girl, Tim's Sally, is fabulous. I have started reading her blog and seeing the amazing stuff she does. Look at this sweet mother-daughter picture:

LOVE the mixed media/collage look of this. Maybe I could totally do it. Also check out this girl, Rachel Awes of Etsy:

I guess having four girls, the girl stuff really draws me in. Maybe my eye for boy stuff will come when Sam finally arrives. :)


  1. Do not under any circumstances google Fancy Moon fabrics! They are based in the UK and they specialize in Vintage inspired fabrics. If you made the mistake of googling them you would waste countless amounts of time looking at and dreaming about their fabric.

  2. OMG Paula! WOW!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff! Allie and I drooled over it for an hour this morning. Thanks for sharing! :)