Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, May 9, 2011

43 Days: Three Days without Children. . . Can I Make It??

In an effort to help me truly get "bed rest", my sweet Momma took the kids to her house in Athens for a few days. We met them for dinner last night and will meet back up on Wednesday around lunchtime to get my girlies back. While I admit it's awfully nice to have a quiet house and time/space to think straight :), I do miss my sweet baby girls. They bring me such joy. Each one of them is truly a delight.

Here's how I've spent my resting time so far. . .

After we left from dinner/drop off with Mom and Dad, Brian and I decided to go lay in the grass at Ditto Landing and watch the sunset. (If you haven't watched the sunset at Ditto Landing yet, you really should. It's amazing.) The weather was perfect and the sunset was beautiful. It was such a relaxing time with my man.

When we got home, we watched the movie "Eat Pray Love". Julia Roberts is so beautiful and one of my very favorite actresses (close second being Jennifer Garner- both so lovely!). The music, scenery, colors and culture in this movie were fantastic. Julia Roberts' character went three places over a years' time- Italy, India, and Indonesia. I think of the three I would enjoy the sights and culture of Indonesia the most. Anyway, although I thoroughly enjoyed the aesthetics of the movie and would definitely watch it again, it saddened me that her character was looking in all these places to "find herself" and never found Jesus. She tried meditation, gurus, self-help books, cultural experiences and even food to fulfill her. Supposedly in the end she had "found herself" and found happiness, etc. etc., but I know that in real life, the search will never be over for anyone until they find Jesus. In Him is all the healing, all the forgiveness, all the wholeness, all the happiness, all the peace that anyone could ever want. I don't understand why people try so many other things when Jesus is the "Way, the Truth, and the Life". It seems a no-brainer to me! Everything else, while filling for awhile, is ultimately meaningless.

This morning, I woke up with Brian at 6 a.m. but stayed in bed for over two hours :), got up to have coffee and get ready, then met my friend Linda for pedicures and lunch- once again very relaxing experiences. We usually have six children between us when we get together, and barely get to finish a sentence much less a conversation. It was nice. :) Check out my orange toes!!

No, it's not the poor lighting, my legs and feet really are that blue and swollen. :( Hence, the feet are UP on my bed for now. I plan to stay that way until Brian gets home in a little while. Crossing my fingers that he will agree to take me to Smoothie King for a banana smoothie. Who could resist a poor swollen pregnant woman right? :)

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