Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Saturday, March 19, 2011

95 Days: Friends

I've got some really awesome friends. They are all awesome, but today I'll tell you about just two of them.

Julia is always giving. She stops by my house every few weeks with a sack full of random stuff that she thought our family might like or need. She has brought over beautiful dresses and toys for the girls, cute maternity clothes for me, and boy clothes for Samuel. She's even randomly brought over extra chicken and dumplings or stew and biscuits when she made it for her family and thought we might enjoy some too. Not only that, she never fails to have a wise, encouraging word for me when we talk. She loves God and it comes out in all our conversations. She's great to be in Sunday school with because of the faith-filled perspective she brings to any discussion. I'm so thankful God placed her in my life. Julia is an amazing blessing.

Jessica used to intimidate me. She's so beautiful, and confident, and one of those people who just seems to know what they are doing and do all things well. Two years ago I admired her from afar but never really thought we would be friends. But when I got pregnant with Rosemary and determined to breastfeed after giving up with my other children, she came along side me and became my constant encourager. She taught a La Leche League class that I LOVED, but outside of La Leche League she was continually lifting me up with practical advice and confidence-building words. I owe her for how well my breastfeeding relationship went with Rosemary. Now that I am planning to have a natural childbirth, she is helpful and encouraging in that, too. She has taken lots of her valuable time to educate me about the process. The way she talks just bolsters my confidence in my own abilities. She is even more beautiful and wonderful than I thought in the beginning, but she doesn't intimidate me anymore because she's such a good friend. I am thankful that God put her in my life!

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  1. Julie, you are so funny! Thank you for your kind words. They are too kind, for sure!!! I'm simply human. I love being your friend! There are so many things that I do NOT do well! But I am passionate about a few things and I want to share those passions with God's creation, for He created me this way.

    You are such a sweet, loving and generous person. I'm so proud of you for sticking with breastfeeding and finding the joy in it that is so special! I know you're looking forward to it again with this baby.

    I do not want to be intimidating. I pray that I am approachable. Goodness knows, I'll talk to a wall. ;-)

    And we MUST take a new picture.... preferably one where at least I'm not pregnant! It'll be too long if we wait until you're not pregnant.