Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Valentine's Day. . .

My sweet Penelope Delia turned TWO!! . . .

We celebrated with heart-covered oatmeal and decorations galore. . .

Brian made me the sweetest gift ever. . . he carved me a wooden heart! The girls loved it so much he took them to the office and helped them make their own hearts.

I have the best man in the world. I mean really. He is awesome. I've been reminiscing this week on our whirlwind courtship. It lasted a whopping three months before we tied the knot! May 5, 2006 at Memphis in May was where it all began. . . under the stars at Tom Lee Park, to the tunes of Jason Mraz, the Gin Blossoms and Blues Traveler. :)

Here I am with the lead singer of the Gin Blossoms, right in the middle of the concert. He came into the crowd and I took the opportunity to get my picture made with him. He had been singing "Found Out About You". . .

Brian looks like the man right here. . . except for the missing teeth. No, they weren't really missing, I think he was just doing something funky with his tongue. LOL That night, if you had told me that within three months I would be married to him and within a year we would have a child together, I would have probably fainted. I thought he was too cool for me. :)

Here Cathryn and I are singing "Runaround" just a few thousand people away from Blues Traveler. :) I knew all the words.

Within a few weeks, I had "captured" the man I had watched for over a year. I noticed him at church because he was so unique. I watched him wakeboard on the river so effortlessly and expertly. He had this cool kind of confidence that made me feel all funny inside. I got all nervous around him because he was just so cool. :) But what really hooked me was how he treated Allie. I think he liked her better than he liked me. :) By the end of summer, Allie and I completely belonged to Brian.

Even when I married him, I didn't know what a prize I was getting. He amazes me every day. It's like God just took this clueless, undeserving girl and graciously blessed her with a gift beyond her wildest dreams. He is perfect for me in every big and little way. Where I am weak, he is strong. Where I am strong, he is weak. We complement each other so perfectly. He loves me completely and unselfishly. He spoils me rotten. I have no idea why God decided to bless me so much, but I thank Him every day for it. There's not a better husband on the face of the earth. I love being Mrs. Brian Rodgers. I love the man that he has become and is continuing to become. I love the man he is in Allie's life. I love that he is the father of my children, present and future.

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