Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yet Another True Story from The Rodgers Home

So, we get home from Earth Fare at 12:30 and the kids are starving. Plus everybody needs a diaper change. Luckily I got some "life-giving" foods there, so I give Penny and Rosie quick diaper changes, tell Maggie and Penelope to wait for lunch at the kitchen table, and feed Rosie pieces of banana while I'm cutting up apples, strawberries, carrots and chicken. What a life-giving lunch, huh? 

I finally arrive at the table with fresh cut fruits and veggies when what is in Penelope's place on the table? A diaper. She had taken her diaper off. Those darn cloth diaper makers should know better, I mean velcro isn't child-proof! Work with me here!! And inside I'm thinking, okay, Penelope is in a serious habit lately of taking her diapers off. . . she will be two next month. . . is it time to potty train? Must she decide to achieve such a time-consuming milestone NOW??? Anyway, since she just went potty, and since Rosemary is screaming for her second course (sweet potatoes), I decide to let it go and change her in a few minutes after we finish lunch. Brilliant. . . . 

Luckily the lunch is pretty much a hit. Well, the fruit anyway. Maggie could eat her weight in carrots, but Penelope hasn't figured out how to bite into it yet. She put 4 of them in her mouth and slobbered all over them and tried, but no such luck. I even tried showing her how to move it to the back of your mouth instead of using your front teeth. She just looked at me like I was crazy and pointed to where Krispy Kreme donuts used to be on top of the fridge and said, "More please." I felt her pain.

Everyone ate in about 10 minutes' time, so I got up to put Rosie down for a nap and said, "I'll be right back with a new diaper for you, Penelope." I wasn't gone two minutes. Really I wasn't. But as I approached the kitchen table the unmistakeable smell of POOP was in the air. No, surely not, I thought. Maybe I need to brush my teeth. But the guilty look in Penelope's eyes told me all I needed to know. Yes, she had pooped on the bench. The new bench we just got with the dining room table when we swapped with my friend Melody. I bet Melody's kids never pooped on the bench, I thought. They're too angelic for that. 

As I finished cleaning the bench and the rear end, Penelope proudly declared, "I poop, Mommy!" 

Yes, yes you did. 


  1. Ha! I'm sure my girls would have pooped on the bench someday, Penelope just beat them to it! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I know exactly what it feels like to move from one crisis to the next like that. : ) I realize I am not alone, I do not live in the Twilight Zone and my kids are fairly normal. : )