Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Just realized I hadn't posted any new pictures of my beautiful girls in awhile. :) Here's a glimpse of what's been going on at the Rodgers household lately. . .

Allie continues to amaze me with her creative talents. She is an excellent artist and is really getting into Botany this semester. Check out her light hut!

She likes to design modest, feminine dresses.

 She likes to draw animals. . .

And people. This is her with Maggie. She is blowing hair out of her eyes in this one.

This is apparently me.

Here is the light hut she created for growing herbs inside with botany. She is growing thyme and catnip.

Here she was dissecting a flower and labeling the parts. Maggie got in on the action. . . she loves Botany too. :)

Maggie is learning to draw and create as well. We went to the Chinese New Year celebration last year and she loved the Chinese dragon. Since it's almost that time again, she made one for our home. . . 

I love this footprint they did at Sunday school last week. I may have to frame it. . . 

She also drew a picture of our family playing in the snow last week. . . 

Penelope has enjoyed having a magnifying glass around. She investigates everything. Look at that smile from her latest discovery!!

Here she is "loving" on Rosemary. Our days are never dull. . . 

"Your children shall be like olive shoots all around your table. . . "-Psalm 127

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  1. Those beautiful faces. Each one so different from the other. Your table is most certainly full of "shoots." :) Can't wait to play with all of them tomorrow night.