Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am so blessed. Last Friday was my 32nd birthday, and we celebrated for over a week!! I really do have The World's Best Husband and The Sweetest Kids Ever. :)

The celebration began on Friday, Oct 8 with an AMAZING dinner at The Melting Pot with Rich and Linda. I haven't eaten that much in a really long time. The food was great and the company was perfect. I heart The Melting Pot!

Then on Sunday, Brian gave me my "official" birthday gift (I say "official" because he just kept giving and giving to me all week long)- a Cuisinart Automatic 12-cup Coffee Grind n Brew. You have to understand. I've used a 4-cup Mr. Coffee for TWELVE YEARS. And I LOVE COFFEE. This man loves me so much. And I love my Cuisinart Grind n Brew. :)

Tuesday during the day, Allie had art class at the Huntsville Art Museum so the little girls and I went to Big Spring Park and had a picnic with the ducks. As if the ducks as tall as they were and the red bridge overlooking the goldfish weren't magical enough, Maggie saw a weeping willow and exclaimed, "Look! A Mary Poppins tree!" We had a fabulous time as you can see. I love experiencing things like ducks and fish and weeping willows through their eyes.

Tuesday night, Brian kept the girls and I went to Spirited Art with Lauren. We had such a great time!! I definitely want to do that again. I kept thinking of Allie and how much she would enjoy it. I may take her next time.

Thursday I took the girls to the Native American Heritage Festival at Burritt on the Mountain. It was really cool. We are studying the Native Americans in Allie's social studies right now, and she's really getting into it, so I think she thoroughly enjoyed seeing the crafts and dances and dress and hearing the music. Maggie and Penelope had a good time too.

Thursday afternoon I met Linda's new baby Josephine, born that morning. Such a delight!! She is beautiful! I'm so proud of Sweet Momma Linda.

Thursday night we went to my parent's house for a DELICIOUS birthday dinner celebration. Mom made Pioneer Woman Lasagna, salad, garlic bread and heavenly chocolate cake. YUM! Mom and Dad gave me some oh-so-comfy pajamas with sheep all over them you could count :), and some fabric for my quilt project. Oh and they kept two of the kids for us so we could get away for a night or two. :) Thanks Mom and Dad!

Friday, Brian and I drove down to Birmingham with Allie and Rosemary and toured the U.S. Postal Service main distribution center. Brian's stepdad Kendall has been with the postal service for many years and he was gracious enough to take an afternoon to show it all to us. We learned a lot! I had no idea the process was that involved! Kendall took Allie from there and she spent the night with Kendall and Naomi, Brian's parents, where I hear she had a fabulous time horseback riding and scrapbooking with NaNa.

Brian and Rosemary and I headed to Oxford, AL for a nice, quiet, relaxed evening together. It was so nice to just hang out with my man. On Saturday we went to Cheaha State Park. The weather was PERFECT! We climbed to Alabama's highest point and hiked some beautiful trails, then had a picnic lunch in the park. I love hiking with Brian. We both thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and getting exercise. Some of my favorite dates with Brian have been the ones where we played tennis or ping-pong and didn't spend more than $10. We just love being together. And it looks like Rosemary loves hiking too! She didn't make a sound the whole time, just enjoyed looking at the trees and feeling the rhythm of our walk.

We picked Allie up from Kendall and Naomi, who gave me two new cute skirts and a whole bag of cool scrapbooking stuff. STILL celebrating! . . . On the way home, Brian stopped off at Jack's Western Wear and let me pick out some rockin' cowgirl boots. Check them out!

Like I said, I am so blessed!! Thank You Lord for an amazing week!!! Thank you Brian for loving me so generously and abundantly and unselfishly. You are the greatest gift of them all.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds wonderful :)!!! ~Jess