Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boot Camp

A lot of my friends have asked me to describe the Boot Camp class I've been taking at the YMCA, and it's just so hard to describe. It's challenging, it's never the same from day to day, it strengthens your whole body. I made a mental note to remember what all we did in today's class so I could share an example of Boot Camp class. Here goes:

Run 2 laps (it's held in a basketball gym, so each lap is 100 meters)
Do 20 pushups and 20 situps
Run 2 laps
Do 20 squats and 20 lunges
Run 2 laps
Do 20 bicep curls and 20 tricep kickbacks
Repeat 3 times

Speed skate 1 minute (speed skate is where you squat down and do the motions of speed skating)
Tricep extensions 1 minute
Repeat 3 times

2 pushups, 2 squats, 2 jumping jacks
4 pushups, 4 squats, 4 jumping jacks
6 pushups, 6 squats, 6 jumping jacks
8 pushups, 8 squats, 8 jumping jacks
10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 jumping jacks
12 pushups, 12 squats, 12 jumping jacks

Suicides for 3 minutes

10 minutes of really hardcore abs- including 1-2 minute planks, bicycles, 5 counts up-5 count hold-5 count down

Really tough stuff! But, I'm liking the results. :)

I just have to make sure I drink plenty of water and replenish when I'm done so I don't run out of milk for Rosemary. I heard that Ovaltine, oatmeal and Brewer's yeast help keep a good supply, so I'm doing all of that and pumping to keep it up.

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