Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day, 2 Cinquains, and I'm Crafty!!

Brian and his girls
Rosemary Rebekah!
Maggie James with her new Bible (it's also a purse!)

Penelope Delia!

Julie Rose!! :)

Here are some pictures from Father's Day yesterday. It was a blast! Check out the card and king crown Allie made for Brian. :) Also, I've been working on a crafty project for the kids' room that I finished yesterday. I loved this nursery rhyme book someone gave us with Penelope, so I tore it apart and used it in one of my infamous windows. :) Allie and I have been studying poetry and I wrote a cinquain for my girls and one for Brian:

Lovely, Dainty
Spinning, Dancing, Laughing
Blowing bubbles, Playing puzzles
My Girls

Sturdy, Manly
Working, Fixing, Loving
Oh I Love Him So
My Man

Oh and we went to see my parent's house that's being built in Athens last night. I got to hug my Daddy, who is The World's Best Dad. :)

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