Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Spring, or at least the promise of spring around the corner, always makes me want to start planning some trips. Brian and I are big on taking trips. I'm proud to say we've had a bunch of weekend getaways, short trips without the kids, long trips with the kids. Most of them have been fairly last minute. We decided a day ahead of time to drive to Jacksonville, FL when Maggie was 6 weeks old to visit some friends and enjoy the sunshine. We went back to Jacksonville to visit the same friends when Penelope was 3 months old. And we don't just like to go to the beach. We love the mountains, and music festivals, and neat artsy-fartsy towns. Even if we can't really "go anywhere", we might go to Chattanooga for a Saturday. There are great museums, the most unique bookstores ever, and a killer park by the river. In the summertime they have the sprinklers on and the kids can play. There is also a merry go round in that park. My favorite town to visit for a quick weekend getaway is Asheville, NC. It's sort of a hippie town, which I like. Lots of unique bookstores and coffee shops, lots of things to do outdoors like hike and kayak, and during the summer there is always something exciting going on around the square. Last time we went there was a drum circle, which I LOVE. It's so cool to watch kids and adults beat their drums, dance and sway and all play along to the same beat. Also last time we were in Asheville, I got my nose pierced. I know, I know. I just got so caught up in the hippie-ness of it all. :) It was actually pretty cute and I liked it until I took it out to wash my nose and couldn't get it back in. HA!

We also love to camp in tents. Brian and I have done this a few times as a couple with other couple friends, but this year we might also add a camping trip with the kids. I always come away from camping with him with a newfound pride in my husband. He is the ultimate guy. :) Not only does he have the very best camping gear so you never get cold or wet when tenting with him, he can put up a tent and get a fire going quicker than you can say "camp". :) He is in his element in the great outdoors. I love seeing him shine and knowing that he's my big strong wonderful man if bears come near the campsite. :) Anyway, since we also like to hike, we are already planning a hiking/camping trip over my birthday in October. There is a place where you can hike about 8 miles of the Appalachian Trail and come upon the Hike Inn, that you can't get to except to hike there. I already can't wait. On the trip where we take the kids, we may not make it hiking 8 miles. Maybe we'll do the Nantahala for that one. Brian is an awesome kayaker. I'd love for the kids and me to be able to watch from the sidelines as he kayaks the Nantahala.

Anybody else thinking about vacations yet this year??

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  1. Wow.. you guys really do sound so much like our little family... very cool