Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, February 26, 2010

Countless Blessings

I hope I can remember to name all the blessings of the last few days in addition to our precious baby girl. We have been overwhelmed with "extra sprinkles" of God's goodness expressed to us through friends and family and more "little things" than we can count. Maybe I should just do a list :). Here goes:

1) The Karr Family. Michelle came in the middle of the night to watch our other three children indefinitely while we were at the hospital. She left her warm, comfy home and own three children to help me with mine. I can't really thank her enough for that, and Joey for being Mommy and Daddy while she was gone. Thanks Joey for loaning her to me. :) Not to mention what amazing friends you guys were to come to the hospital and see our new bundle of joy so soon after losing Janie Beth. I don't have the right words to thank you for your friendship, shown even while your own heart was breaking. I am amazed at the grace God has given you and the love you have given us.

2) Kim Johnson. This awesome chick/momma of a newborn herself, came to the delivery room and made some BEAUTIFUL pictures of the delivery and first few hours after Rosemary's arrival. Thank you Kim for taking the time, arranging your schedule, making the effort to "doctor them" for us, and doing such a great job. I will always have memories of Rosemary's birth because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

3) Our moms. Brian's mom and my mom have bent over backwards this week to help with the kids and keep their schedules fairly normal while things were crazy. They have arranged to help out over the next few weeks too, and I want to thank you in advance for that. I know it's a huge sacrifice on both your parts.

4) The staff at Huntsville Hospital. We had THE BEST nurses and staff during our stay. Each one was kind, caring, and helpful. I plan to bake you all some brownies soon. :) Thank you especially to Penny, Tabitha, and Becky. You guys were great.

5) Our long list of friends who came to visit!! Cathryn got up early to visit us and meet Rosemary before work on Thursday. She had to drive over from Decatur and make the extra effort necessary on a cold morning just to come give us a hug and congratulate us!! What a sweet friend I have in her! I've already mentioned the Karrs. I wish our visit could have been longer. :) My friends Judy, Linda and Jess from Sojourn came after Bible study and brought a bag of Fudgey Nut goodness, Linda's famous chicken salad, and tons of moral/spiritual support. I love you girls!! Brian's mom and stepdad brought Maggie and Penelope to meet Rosemary, which I know was an ordeal in itself. :) While they were here, Brian's aunt and Grandmother stopped in with a bag of gifts. Thank you two for coming!! Perfect timing, it gave M & P some things to play with! Julia Teague, who blesses my heart every time I am around her, came and brought the perfect gift- ROSEMARY from her garden!! HA!! What a cool idea. Julia you are spunky and cute and genuine and you truly bless my heart. Thank you for you. Leah Waldrop, one of my favorite people in the world, came by Thursday evening. Just visiting with her would have been awesome enough, but she also brought me some Mother's Milk hot tea (thank you!) and a cute little "welcome baby" sign. Leah you rock. And I've already mentioned that Kim took pictures for me on Wednesday, but she and Zach and their three boys made the effort on a cold Thursday night to come visit and meet Rosemary and bring us CDs of the pictures she had made. I am loving being friends and neighbors with you guys. I can't wait to hang out with you more soon!!

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