Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Last Few Days

In the wee small hours of Wednesday morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom. A few steps from the bed to the bathroom, I felt a splash and realized that my socks were soaking wet. I looked up the hallway and saw more water. And water beyond that. And water beyond that. "Brian!" I cried. "Water! Everywhere!" Brian woke up enough to say, "It must have flooded. Hmmm. It's 3:30 a.m. The rain has stopped; what's happened has happened. Let's deal with it in a few hours." and he was asleep again. I just love his attitude sometimes. I love that he thinks clearly and calmly in desperate situations. I love that he wasn't jumping up to try to salvage his stuff. I love that he just hugged me and went back to sleep. I love that when he woke up, he knew exactly what to do to get the water up and clear the wreckage. He really is my hero in times like that. I realize that some women would HATE that because they would want him to jump up and do something, but I love it. He's calm, cool, collected. And handy in so many situations. I'm thankful that neither of us was tremendously sorrowful over the few things we did lose in the damage. I'm thankful God has shown us that things don't matter all that much. Wednesday was a little different because we were cleaning up the mess, but it wasn't stressful and we weren't crying over spilled milk. Allie and I had one of the best days of school yet. We used the flood as a reason to study the parable in the Bible about the two builders- one who built his house upon the rock, and the other on the sand. The rains came, and only the house built on the rock could stand. Allie is at such a neat stage where we can talk about spiritual principles, like things we build our lives on other than the rock. We also talked about not building up treasure on earth, where most and rust destroy and thieves break in a steal (and floods demolish), but building up treasure in heaven that can never be corrupted.

Thursday was another day full of blessings. Brian took the morning off to go with me to the OB/GYN, where we had our regular 28-week appointment (blood tests, etc- we are now starting to go every 2 weeks! I can't believe it's this close!) and a 4D ultrasound. Little Rosemary Rebekah looked absolutely beautiful. Both hands were around her face or on top of her head the entire time, and at one point we caught her trying to suck her arm. It was really sweet to see her jaw move up and down and see that sucking motion already at work! We also saw her smile and yawn. Thank You Lord for a healthy little girl. When I got home, we had another great day of school. I watched in amazement at Penelope crawling fast and furiously across every inch of the house, stopping every few minutes to smile a wide, toothless grin or reach for one of her sisters' hair. :) I loved Maggie saying "Mommy do you want to hang out with me?" :) and Allie working her magic on some art projects. Thursday night, we were invited to a social with 4 other couples from church. We ate, talked, laughed, played games, and just enjoyed that fellowship that is so sweet and cannot be found anywhere other than among Christian brothers and sisters. Thank You Lord for friends.

Today has been another good day of school. The girls have been great, we've got supplies for several craft projects, Allie loves helping me every time I cook. And tonight I have a date with my husband of almost 40 months. Thank You Lord for this life.

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