Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, August 27, 2009

25 Cool Things About My Kids

1) Maggie, 2 1/2, can say her numbers 1-10. But she always skips 7. She goes, "One, two, three, four, five, six. . . eight, nine, ten." I guess she doesn't like 7?
2) Penelope is just starting to really respond to people, and I love it. When she catches your eye, she just looks at you for a minute, then a big wide grin spreads across her face and she opens her mouth, laughs, kicks her feet, and moves her arms. It is precious.
3) Allie is such an individual. She does her own thing and doesn't get roped into following whatever the other girls are doing. Thank the Lord!
4) If we go to the library, Allie picks out at least 20 books. And reads them within 2-3 days.
5) Allie has written 5 songs in her 8 short years of life.
6) Maggie and I were in a crowded public restroom the other day and she looked at me and said, "Did you poot?"
7) When Maggie names the Mickey Mouse characters, she calls Mickey Mickey, Donald Donald, Daisy Daisy, Minnie Minnie, and Goofy she calls "Daddy".
8) Penelope likes to blow bubbles with her baby food and watch it shoot out everywhere.
9) Allie can make Penelope laugh at any time, in an instant.
10) Allie can convince Maggie to do anything, at anytime. Wish I could do that!
11) Maggie and Penelope share a room. When I hear them get up in the morning, I go in the room, and Maggie gives me a "report": "I want down. Baby wants diaper. I want juice. Baby wants bottle."
12) Allie LOVES animals. I mean LOVES them. She reads about them, studies them, draws pictures of them, wants to learn-talk-breathe animals.
13) Allie also loves to create art and music.
14) Allie does not like math, although she's very good at it.
15) Maggie can say her ABCs and recognize almost all of them when she sees them. Her favorite letters are Y and X.
16) Whenever Allie learned to talk, she sounded SO southern. Not Maggie. She sounds like she's from Michigan or something. Her "nine" sounds like "naheen".
17) Allie and I LOVE Halloween with a passion.
18) Penelope prefers me over Brian, which makes me insanely happy. :)
19) None of my three kids has ever had a diaper rash. Knock on wood.
20) None of my three kids has ever had an ear infection. Knock on wood.
21) When Allie grows up, she wants to have a house that's like a zoo. She's already got it all planned out, with like 10 different habits. She even has plans for each one, like putting a humidifier in the tropical rain forest zone so it will be humid.
22) Maggie sees the world in terms of whose is what. She will go through the house saying, "Allie's book. Penny's keys. My Elmo. Mommy's shoes."
23) When Brian is around, to Maggie I am invisible.
24) Allie likes to pray for her friends. I love that.
25) Penelope sleeps 8-9 hours a night, probably 5-6 nights a week. Awesome!!

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