Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week One As a Momma of Six

Bethany is a whole week old! I can't believe it! She is truly a gift. God has already taught me so much through her. It took almost 5 days for my milk to come in completely, and that time of waiting was hard to endure. It was physically painful because she has a really strong latch and was working so hard to get something out. It was mentally painful because I was wondering if I just wasn't going to produce milk at all! But Brian and I prayed a lot in those days, and God heard our prayer. Now there is an abundance of milk! I can make a 2 oz bottle just from the runoff of one side while she's nursing on the other side. I use this thing called the Milk Saver that I got at A Nurturing Moment  that saves every drop while I'm nursing. So when she's finished nursing, I also give her whatever would have just gotten lost somewhere in my bra. :) Pretty cool. She gets every drop of nourishment that comes out. If you're a nursing momma, check out the Milk Saver!

She has been so content and satisfied since my milk came in. I usually take lots of More Milk Plus which I'm doing again this time, but something new I am doing is eating my placenta. Yes, I know. Sounds gross. It's really not. Check out the health benefits here. I am feeling good and don't have any idea if it's because of this, but it can't hurt. The capsules can even be frozen and saved to help with hormones during menopause! Amazing. I think it's neat that God provided such wonderful ways for the body to heal itself. So besides the herbal supplements and placenta capsules, I've just been drinking tons of water (about 120 oz a day) and keeping Bethany attached to me. Our doctor told us Monday that it's been proven that held babies gain more weight and are healthier in general. I've also heard that allowing them to sleep on your chest causes signals to be sent from their body to yours that increase your milk supply. Either way, I know that without the Lord's intervention and amazing design, I would not be experiencing this sacred, beautiful thing. Every time she latches on and eats, I say, "Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord" over and over. It's a worship session for sure. :)

Oatmeal is also a galactagogue, meaning it can help increase a nursing mother's milk supply. I have trouble getting enough oatmeal, but I found this recipe for Oatmeal Smoothies online that I plan to try as soon as I can get my hands on some chia seeds.

It has been fun watching the other children's reactions to their new sister this week. They have cheered me on with laundry antics when I was needing the encouragement with nursing (third picture :)) There is a park close to the new doctor in Fayetteville that we enjoyed after her appointment on Monday:

Allie and Brian have been handling the farm animals ever since the blood clot incident February 13. Since then I have been pretty out of touch with the farm. Yesterday Allie was tending the animals and came running back in the house to tell me that one of the baby goats, Glory, had a deep cut on her leg near her hoof. We called Grandaddy, a veterinarian, and he told us to give her a tetanus shot and try to bandage the wound. So I got geared up and went out with Allie. Here we are, ready to play veterinary farm girls. Her pose is much cooler than mine. :)

It went well. I was so impressed with my Allie. She held the goat (who by the way is not such a baby anymore! Holding Glory requires great strength these days!) while I gave the injections. She then scooped a bunch of poop out of the pen and put in fresh hay to protect the cut from infection. She had the idea to open up part of the pen to let more air in, and even knew which tools to use to do it! I am super impressed with that girl. She is such a natural on a farm.

Getting out a little yesterday was good for my soul. I saw all this new green sprouting up everywhere, so Allie and I decided to take a little walk today and see what all was new around the farm. So much wild goodness everywhere out in the fields that have just been overgrown for the last few years! Tons of wild blackberries. Wild violet, wild honeysuckle, plantain. Several pretty trees with foliage we couldn't identify. We will learn so much with the changing of the seasons around here. The goats and chickens are growing, and there are tons of geese on the pond! Brian took the kids on a canoe ride Saturday out to the island. They found one goose laying on 16 eggs!! We spotted a few of the babies with their momma on our walk today. This is so exciting.

Week one has been pretty restful, thanks to help last week from my parents and this week from Brian's mom. Next week I will be returning to my position as Manager of Our Home, Farm and Family, so I have been studying Large Family Logistics and getting organized. We start the week off with Planting Day on Monday, followed by a new school schedule and menu plan that I'm hoping will be awesome. :) I am "sensing the worth of my work" like the Proverbs 31 woman. I have realized the importance of a consistent momma these last few months and I am ready to get back into my role. I have a vision. Now God give me the grace to make it a reality!

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