Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My man

This is Brian.

He likes Johnny Cash and super old southern gospel music. He can sing every word of "I Saw the Light" by Ernest Tubb.

If he can help it, he never eats at chain restaurants or supports large companies. On principle (and also because he likes variety), he chooses to eat at locally owned restaurants and local coffee shops. He shops the hardware stores downtown and makes a point to tell local business owners how much he appreciates what they do.

He looked like a character on Duck Dynasty long before Duck Dynasty was cool. He has never tried to be cool in any way. In fact, if he finds out something is "cool", he tries not to do it. Which makes him extremely cool to me. :)

He stays up late to work on his business and gets up early to read his Bible and do the farm chores. He never shrinks from responsibility or thinks about what he wants. He does what needs to be done without consideration for his feelings or how tired he might be. And he doesn't do anything halfway. If you see something Brian has done or made, it will be nearly perfectly done. Every time. Not out of pride. It's just the way he does things.

Many people who have only known him in the last few years, may not know that he is also AMAZING on the wakeboard and in a kayak. He has this graceful, skilled athleticism and fluid movement that makes him great on the water. He spent many of his single days kayaking, wakeboarding, and tent camping. He appreciates nature and beauty and has taken me to so many lovely places on the back roads that nobody knows about. You won't see him at big touristy theme parks. He can be found in the woods or on the water. Or on the back of a tractor.

Speaking of tractors, he has been shopping around for the best value on one for quite some time. He is generous to a fault with others, but when it comes to something for himself he is very hesitant to spend money. He buys me only the best of everything, but buys himself used, second-hand stuff. We desperately need a new tractor for the garden we're planting this spring, but he wants to make sure he doesn't overspend on it. So he hasn't made the plunge yet. Meanwhile, he bought me the nicest grain mill on the market. The nicest wind chimes. The finest chocolate. :)

He also has a great big heart. Recently he sat down in the recliner in the evening after a very long, hard day at work. Then he realized he hadn't hugged his children yet and they were about to go to bed. He sprung right up and said, "I have to hug the girls. I haven't hugged them yet today." He knows how much I despise getting blood drawn, so he goes with me every time and holds my hand and distracts me by telling me how much he loves me.

Any wonder why I love this man??? :)


  1. Beautiful post. He comes from good stock, and has a great mom that has done well by him.

    1. Thank you Lori! I agree! Glad you can vouch for him. :) And I'm glad to see you have a blog! I will follow! :)

  2. Sounds like he's just perfect for you! :-)

    Has he ever eaten at Grandmother's House here in New Hope? It's a local family owned restaurant with good home cooking. Sounds like a place he might like! :-)


    1. He is!! :)

      I haven't heard him mention that place! He needs to take me there sometime. :) Thanks for the suggestion!