Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Farm Work Day

Prepare for another photo-heavy post. :) I just can't stop taking pictures out here! I am amazed at God's handiwork everywhere I look out here.

Saturday was unseasonably warm (in the upper 60's in January), which was perfect because we really needed a Saturday to work on the goat milking shed. It was muddy, so we all got dressed in old clothes and boots and went out to work with Daddy right after breakfast.

If you can tell, there was already a small shed there when we bought the place. It has water and power so we wanted to utilize it but a lot of work needed to be done to make it what we really wanted/needed. Luckily, I have a really smart, capable man who can do just about anything with his hands. And he is the hardest worker I've ever met.

We were pretty much just available to hand him tools and boards when he needed it. And we watched. :)

There were a few times I had to climb up the ladder just part of the way. I am deathly afraid of climbing ladders, partly from a fear of heights and partly from bad balance. I would definitely be the one to fall. So he didn't have a whole lot of help from me. All the new looking boards he framed up himself in one day! All that is left is to attach the metal and doors. Should get finished next weekend.

I am truly amazed at all that he can do! I had to take a picture of his hands because I just love love love his hands. :) They are so strong and capable and reliable. There are usually a few cuts or knicks on them because he just does so many physical things at his regular job and at home, and I love to look at them. But they are soft and loving too. I especially love his wedding ring. :)

Allie and I did some other farm work while he was building the shed. The goat's pen had gotten really muddy with all the rain, so we scooped out the old and replaced it with fresh, dry hay. That is harder than it looks but we thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Other than that chore, we played a lot. I would only get a few steps before I saw this sight:

So I hung out in the mud with the kids and animals and played.  After all, there were mud pies to be made and puddles to be jumped in:

After the littles got soaked to the bone and had all they could handle of puddle jumping fun, I brought them in for baths and we all went to eat at The Shak across from Brewer High School. The food was really good and we all ate til we were stuffed. I ate every bite of a 1/2 pound burger "all the way." Farm work makes you hungry! And tired apparently. Just a few minutes after we got back from lunch, I found Rosie just like this, in the middle of the living room floor:

It was a sweet day. Hopefully one of many more spent just like that, working on the farm as a family. Check out the new tag Brian got for me:

I love this life!!

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