Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, June 22, 2012

My "garden"

So, it's not really much of a garden I know. But we have this little triangle of soil at the edge of our yard- the only part of the yard that gets lots of sunlight- and I've been sticking stuff in it, slowly adding almost daily, things that I can grow until I can "really" have a garden. :)

It started with Allie planting those colorful flowers in the triangle. Then she brought me some sunflower seeds home from a trip to Charlotte to see her dad. We started them inside, and they sprang up quickly. The only great place for sunflowers in the yard, we decided, was the triangle. Then we went to this awesome nursery beside the Parkway, Hubbard Nursery, and bought a tomato plant and a pepper plant.    Then I picked blueberries at Mary Mac Farms, and Mary McNabb her very self sold me more plants and told me how to care for them. Last night at the Green Street Farmer's Market I got four herbs. Before long it will take over the front yard. I wonder if we will sell the house then? :)

Tomato and pepper

Plants from Mary Lou McNabb

Herbs from the Farmer's Market. I know I've got Sweet Basil, Cilantro and Pennyroyal. The one beside the basil is Tangerine something but I can't remember. Here's a closer picture, any of you gardeners can remind me what this is exactly? :) It smells amazing.

My favorite part of the garden is still the sunflowers. :) Enjoy!


  1. The herbs from Greene Street Farmer Market were from the Windmill Gardens Stand. A friend of mine Jeffrey Armstrong let me know last night that his Mom and Aunt run Windmill Gardens. It is a small world.

  2. Awesome sunflower and a great example of "blooming where you're planted." :)
    Just don't feed your Daddy any cilantro and "no one will get hurt." Ha!