Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Week of School. . .

The first week of school has gone extremely well, despite the fact that I continue to get very little sleep and I didn't do nearly as much planning ahead as I had hoped. Who knew that a 6 week old baby boy could be so demanding?!?! :) Seriously, the child wants to be attached to me 24/7. I am not kidding. So considering I have another human being attached to me and only one hand free and am surviving on 3-4 hours of sleep a night, we have done remarkably well. :) I told my friend Julia at church last night that Samuel doesn't like to sleep much at night OR during the day, and she asked if I had cut out caffeine. I had to laugh out loud on that one. Come again?? Because I'm not sure I heard you correctly. Me? Cut out caffeine?? Uh, that would be a big NO. Maybe I *should*. But right now it's survival. And SURVIVAL = JAVA. :) He's doing alright I think. . .

We're trying a new thing this year of concentrating on one "main" subject a day in school. Each day we do Bible and Reading, but on Mondays we do a big concentration on Math; Tuesdays are Science; Wednesdays are Alabama History; Thursdays are Language; Fridays are Art and Music. Oh and we throw Greek in there every day or two. So far we've only learned a few of the Greek alphabet letters (writing Alpha and Omega and what they mean in a Biblical context, plus "chronos" - where we get the word chronological, chronicles, etc.) I think my favorite this year will be Alabama History. I LOVE our curriculum. I'll tell you more about it in another post. The first day we went over some state facts, such as the state flag, state bird, state tree, capitol, song, etc. Maggie and Allie are both making Alabama Books. This is the start of Maggie's book:

Allie and I had our first lesson in Female Anatomy and Menstrual Cycles from a curriculum I found with Blessing God's Way, and I am loving that too. It was a really great bonding experience with my girl. We're all reading through Swiss Family Robinson, and I am amazed at how much Penelope is actually picking up from it. These kiddoes never cease to amaze me. . .

I tried working out one day this week. Samuel can't go to childcare at the YMCA until he is 8 weeks old, but I was dying to get back into it, so I took him in with me to Body Pump in his stroller. We got through two songs before he started screaming. So my thighs and biceps got a workout. :) Maybe in a few weeks. . . right now I spend so much time sitting and nursing that my lower end just feels like mush. Ah well. Such is life as a mother of five. SO. WORTH. IT. :)

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  1. From an educational observation viewpoint, I will be eager to hear how the retention of facts/knowledge/concepts goes with a week between lessons. In terms of having only weekly chorus rehearsals, it was very hard to make forward progress without providing tools for reinforcement between rehearsals. We spent so much time at the beginning of rehearsals RElearning what had been covered the week before. Maybe your students will have better success with this. Have a great Monday math class!