Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Allie's Writing Project

Allie has begun a writing project for this year that I am SO excited about. She's titling it "Interesting People That I Love".

She's going to spend some time with interesting people in her world; family, friends, neighbors, etc. and then draw a picture of them and write about what makes them interesting. I think this is great for many reasons: It gets her talking to and asking questions about people of all ages, races, backgrounds, opinions, etc.; It shows her that everyone has something to share with her and teach her; it gets her writing more. So far it's going great. Last week at Cousin's Camp at my parents', my cousin Becky, who is super cool, visited with her "critters". Becky got her degree in Biology from Auburn University, where she worked with the eagle at the raptor center. She was the one who released the eagle before the games! How cool is that?? Since then she has worked at Camp McDowell and is now at 4H Camp educating campers about all kinds of animals. She brought a hog nosed snake, a tortoise, a box turtle, a lizard, a gecko, a cestral falcon and an African owl to show the cousins.
Here is Allie's picture of Becky. She said in her write-up, "If there were 100 Beckys, the world would be a better place." :)

Last night we had our neighbor, Melissa Lehman, over for dinner. We have seen Ms. Melissa in her yard working on her spinning wheel for months. About a month ago, Allie went over and asked her more about how she spins wool into thread. Ms. Melissa was kind enough to show Allie how to do it and even give her some lamb's wool and spindle to work with at home. We decided to have her for dinner last night and learn more about her. We learned that she is really an interesting person! She can quilt, weave, sew, spin, and knit beautifully! We will definitely be spending more time learning from her.

I can't wait to read what she writes today about Ms. Melissa!

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