Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, March 21, 2011

93 Days: What I'm Reading/Seeing/Listening to These Days

The Bradley Method student handbook (thanks Jessica!) :)- learning a lot from this one. Inspired to make the next 12 weeks count- lots of strengthening and flexibility exercises, relaxation practice, conversations with encouraging, knowledgeable friends, and healthy healthy foods.

Nourishing Traditions- basically the bible for people who want to eat healthy. This book is packed with great nutrition information.

Amira's Prenatal Belly Dance DVD

Advanced Pilates at YMCA

Water Aerobics at YMCA

The Be Good Tanyas "Blue Horse" and Enya "Amarantine" CDs

The Christian's Secrets to a Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith- WONDERFUL BOOK!!

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Vorskamp- WONDERFUL BOOK!!

Apologia Botany book- learning about trees with Allie

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  1. LOVE Nourishing Traditions! Although we've switched to the more low-carb Paleo diet, we still do lots of NT recipes, too. A friend of mine actually just started a WAPF chapter here in Huntsville! It's brand new, and I think we may have a chapter meeting sometime this summer. Here's the blog: http://northalabamawapf.blogspot.com/2011/03/great-wapf-speakers-videos.html
    Let me know if you want more information on it.