Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, December 27, 2010


This is the first true "white Christmas" I think I've experienced in all my 32 years of living in North Alabama. The weatherman had said that there was a chance of snow on Christmas, but I disregarded it as the weatherman's wishful thinking/overload of holiday spirit. I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up on Christmas morning and saw the snow coming down. . . and how hours later, it was still coming down. I've been to Colorado and seen snow like that, but never have I seen it here in Alabama. It was truly magical. The kids thought so too. . .

I was delighted by it from the comfort of my warm home, looking out the window while sipping hot chocolate. Not so delighted when we decided to drive an hour north to a family gathering that night. I get really really nervous on slick or icy roads and would not have left the house had it been up to me. The kids and I were still sick, the roads were icy. . . but off to Scottsboro we went.

I gripped the door with sweaty palms the entire drive. I was edgy and uncomfortable and prayed nonstop, "Lord, keep us safe. Lord, keep us safe. Lord, keep us safe. Lord, keep us safe. . . " We arrived safely, enjoyed the gathering for a few hours, then headed home at bedtime. This time I was even more nervous, because now it was dark and the temperatures were falling. Rosemary SCREAMED for the first half hour and I really thought my nerves couldn't take that plus the road conditions. We passed three wrecks on the way home. One car had flipped in the median, and two others had crashed into the sides of bridges. Once again I gripped the door and prayed HARD. I begged God to get us home in one piece. And He did. I cannot tell you the relief that flooded over me when we pulled into the driveway. As I got out of the car, I felt God's still, small voice saying, "I'm not finished with you yet, Julie. I still have big plans for you. The fact that you are alive and breathing in this moment means that I have jobs for you to do, people for you to love, places for you to go, dreams for you to dream. I don't want to have to have those kinds of experiences to be reminded that every day God keeps me alive, He still has plans for me. Things He wants me to accomplish. May I be ever mindful of that.

As for today though, I'd just like to get the kids and me over this crusty/snotty/flu-like stuff we've got going. It's increasingly difficult to think "God has big plans and I'm going to change the world" when all you want to do is take a nap. Hey, World Changers need their sleep. . . :)

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