Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, December 20, 2010

Books, Wonderful Books!

I've become the owner of some fabulous new books this week. I LOVE the Friends of the Library bookstore all year long, but right now the Bailey Cove branch has a 25 cent shelf that I raided. Look at all the books I got for $2.25! All great for the kids except the Bradley one, of course. That's another blessing- I had been curious about natural childbirth and the Bradley Method, but knew the book would be probably $25-$30. Times like that, I pray and ask God to provide it for me if I really need it and take the desire away if I really don't. Well the first book I spotted on the 25 cent shelf was Natural Childbirth: The Bradley Way!

Then at Hobby Lobby, I had been looking at making some of my own maternity clothes this time since a) it's my first true "summer" baby and b) this is the 5th time I've worn many of these clothes. They are getting old. :) Anyway, patterns I had found were $17-$20 EACH! Well I ran across this book that has 26 patterns, including the maternity/nursing top you see, the maternity dress, and some beautiful things for after baby arrives. I LOVE these!!

LOVE this quilt!! Those colors are awesome!

Allie saw this family tree and immediately went downstairs to the sewing machine to start working on hers. Check it out! She hasn't cut the extra string off yet but she did an amazing job!!

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