Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chicken, Tater Skins, and Baked Lays

That's pretty much what I'm craving these days. Not healthy, grilled chicken, though. Fried chicken sandwiches like the kind you get at Chick Fil A or McDonald's. YUUUMMMMMMMMM. Not so great for my health resolutions. I was doing so good with kefir and fresh fruit and steamed veggies. . . . Not so much anymore. I want an original Chick Fil A sandwich 2-3 times a day. Oh, the original. The pickle is just a perfect touch. With Baked Lays and/or Tater Skins. Remember those chips? I haven't actually caved into that craving though because I'm not sure where you can get Baked Lays or Tater Skins in a drive thru and I don't want it bad enough to actually go to the store. That would mean loading up 4 kids. I guess laziness is part of the first trimester hormone mix too. LOL I usually crave cheese and yogurt in the beginning of my pregnancies. But I refuse to spend time wondering if the different cravings mean it's a boy this time. . .

And WOW I can smell EVERYTHING! I usually like the smell of food cooking but not anymore. Unless it's chicken. HA I cannot stand any smell right now. I wonder if those air fresheners really work that say they don't have a scent, they just eliminate odors. . . may have to pick some up when I go to the store for chicken patties and baked lays. :)

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  1. Now you know why the Bible says in so many places -- "And it came to pass . . . " As your Grandmother Collier often reminded me: "This, too, shall pass."
    I'm glad you've got this blog outlet, though. Some times it helps to just lay it out there for whatever it's worth. Have a good day, hon.