Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catching Up

Whew! We have been super busy around here! My housework is seriously lagging behind. I used to think that stay at home moms must have all this extra time for cleaning house. HA!! What a joke! Maybe if they went to daycare or something. But having them here all day every day, makes for lots of fun and lots of MESS. Oh well. I'll have a clean house when they're grown and gone. Maybe I'll even have other empty-nest moms over for tea and we'll go on and on about how clean our houses are. hahaha

What a full, blessed life we have. Friday we took a field trip with other WBCS homeschool families to The Huntsville Times and News Channel 19. I just took Allie and Maggie and left Penny and Rosie at home with a sitter. That turned out to be a good call on my part since there were lots of stairs at the Times (not stroller-friendly!) and we had to be super-quiet during the noon news show. I like to take everyone along when I can, but some field trips are just not conducive to babies and toddlers. On the way home from all of that, I went by my friend Melody's house and picked up some kefir grains. I've developed quite a passion for nutrition lately, and kefir is an incredibly nutritious food. Now I'm growing it on my kitchen counter! It's very cool. I'll blog about just kefir soon. :)

Friday night we ate dinner at our friends' Rich and Linda's house. We love Rich and Linda. They have us over for dinner quite frequently. We gladly accept. :) This particular weekend we got two dinner invites in a row! Rich and Linda's on Friday night, then Benton and Kelly's on Saturday night. Benton and Kelly are some of my new favorite people. They are both FABULOUS cooks so we gladly accepted their offer too. :) I had THE BEST BRISKET EVER that night, and Benton sent me home with several bags of BocaJava coffee, one of them called "Maple Bacon Morning". YES.

Before going to Benton and Kelly's on Saturday night we stocked up on healthy foods at Earth Fare. I got 100% whole milk from the Homestead Creamery that came in a glass jar and had literally an inch of cream at the top (it was comical watching me try to pour milk out and sticking a knife up in there through the cream and then all the milk spilling out everywhere. :)) We also got "real" butter (YES again) and some young coconuts. As I said I've developed a passion for nutrition so you *might* be reading more about this in upcoming posts. :)

Sunday was a wonderful wonderful wonderful day at church. Bro. Greg preached again, this time on the story of Mary and Martha. He is so right on. He talked about the necessity of spending time at Jesus's feet. Two weeks ago he preached about Jesus's yoke being "easy" (which actually means "fitting"- individually fitted for YOU!), and last week Bro. Terry preached on Psalm 1. You know I love Bro. Jimmy but I'm so thankful that even when he's away, we have some wonderful associate pastors to bring the Word. In Sunday school we are going through the book of James, and on Wednesday nights we are studying the book of Hebrews. Praise the Lord for Biblical teaching!

Monday was a nice relaxing day with Brian at home. He started a fire and we roasted marshmallows, then Allie and Maggie had an adventure sleeping in a tent in the backyard. We left the windows open and the AC off all weekend. It was SO NICE!!  I love having the windows open. Brian helped me paint the front door red, and I made a sunflower wreath to brighten things up.

Yesterday I made my first two batches of whole wheat bread. I've been reading about the nutritional value of whole wheat versus white and am convinced we need to totally switch over to wheat. A slice of whole wheat bread, warm from the oven, with real butter and raw honey on top, is TOTAL HEAVEN I tell you.

Anyway, between the bread making and kefir growing and baby food making/mixing/storing/freezing, my kitchen is a disaster area. But I'm learning and growing and boy is it exciting! :)


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog!! You make me smile! I would totally love to come over for tea in several years and maybe we will even discuss our mutual grandchildren. Maybe we will even take turns helping out at our children's homes so that they might really get to enjoy staying at home and having a clean house!!

  2. Jennifer you make me smile too. :) Let's totally do tea in a few years and gush about our beautiful grandchildren and spotless homes. :) Love you!