Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, August 13, 2010

Borscht and Stuff

So this has been a very successful healthy-eating week! The biggest surprise blessing of all is, my kids have truly enjoyed all this healthy green stuff! HA! This week's dinner menus have included tuna casserole, hamburger steak, potato soup, and borscht. They ate it all each night and asked for more. I've been so pleased with the grass fed beef. There's virtually no fat or grease or whatever that was when I was browning meat in the pan before. It tastes better too. I will not go back to regular beef. I've also been pleased with the feeling of knowing that you know every ingredient that's in the food the kids are eating. The potato soup was just potatoes, leeks, and onions. The borscht was carrots, cabbage, beets, turnips, beef and onions. That's it. We might have added a little salt and pepper for taste, but other than that it's been pure foods. The chopping was the hardest part! Whew! I get nervous chopping vegetables. I have a real fear of chopping off a finger. :) But I did really well, I just probably took longer than someone without a fear of that would take. :) Lately sometimes Maggie decides to be a baby at dinner and insist that someone feed her. Normally I would say that she must feed herself or go hungry, but last night I was like, she's getting all this healthy food inside her body no matter what I have to do. :) Next week we'll be trying our hormone-free chicken. I'm expecting great things!

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