Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrating Brian

Father's Day is Sunday, and Brian's birthday is Monday. That means this weekend is "Brian Weekend", and I am SO PUMPED about celebrating my wonderful husband. He really is THE BEST MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I thought I would spend a post just trying to describe all the ways he is oh so wonderful. :)

Brian started an electrical testing company last May. He left a "comfortable salary" and pretty steady job of over 10 years to embark on the unknown. First of all that obviously takes courage and ambition, which he has in spades. Thank the Lord, his company has been very successful this year. But I get the advantage of watching behind the scenes and seeing all the seemingly insignificant decisions he has made along the way that have made AMP what it is. Brian has the strongest work ethic of any man I've ever known. Everything he does, he does 100%. He goes the extra mile with every job. He believes God's Word when it says that you must be faithful in the small things. He takes meticulous care of everything he has, believing it is on loan to him from God, who expects good stewardship. Brian is honest and fair in all his business dealings. My respect for him has quadrupled in the last year as I've watched him manage AMP and make it a success.

We have FOUR daughters. They all adore him. If you could see the grins and hear the giggles when he arrives home at the end of the day, it would speak for itself. He is the best Daddy a little girl could have.

I don't know how, but he gives me the desire to be the very best me. With him, I want to strive to be the best woman, friend, wife, Christian, and mother that I can be. His confidence in me gives me the courage to try new things and believe in myself. At the same time, he loves and accepts me just as I am without expecting me to change. I LOVE THAT.

He has so many skills. He can make anything, fix anything, do anything. He's also strong and wise. I trust him completely. I feel so safe and taken care of when he's around.

He puts into practice what he believes. No matter how tight things get, he will never not tithe. No matter how inconvenient or unpopular something may seem, if the Bible says it, he lives by it.

He gives of himself all the time. He is a problem solver, a fixer, a helper. If he hears of a need, he does his best to meet it. Again, even if it's inconvenient.

He is always true to his word. If he makes a promise, you can bank on it, he will do it. Even if it costs him.

He loves me so well. He makes time at the end of every day to listen to my heart. He makes sure I have good coffee and chocolate at all times. :) He encourages me to do things that he knows make me happy.

See why he is so wonderful? I really could go on for days. These are just the main things. I am the most blessed woman for being his wife. Thank you for loving me Brian!!! You rock!!! I hope we get 50+ years together!!

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