Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tussie-Mussies and Such

What a wonderful Saturday it has been!! The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. We decided to just drink it in as much as possible. After a leisurely breakfast/morning, where Brian and the kids presented me with a beautifully decorated hanging pot for my plants, we headed off to Botanical Gardens. I love that place. We have been probably 5 or 6 times now, and we still haven't explored it all. We saw more of it today than we had on our Thursday night picnics or daytime romps in the treehouses. We saw the Hope Garden, where family members and friends of different cancer patients dedicate spaces in honor or memory of their loved ones. We walked through the Rose and Daylily Gardens, and spent the most of our time in the Herb Garden. It is so cool! They have different beds for medicinal herbs, Biblical herbs, children's herbs (where you can find a Peanut Butter Plant! who knew there was such a thing? It smells just like peanut butter!), culinary herbs, fragrant herbs, and more. Today was Herb Day so we got to choose a free plant. The kids helped us choose Lamb's Ear because it is so cool to touch. :) We also got to try Basil Tea and Rosemary cookies. And they were selling tussie-mussies that were so dainty and lovely that I had to have one. :) I forgot that that was the name of those things!! I love saying tussie-mussie! :) After we left the Herb Garden, the kids explored another treehouse while Rosemary and I sat on a bench in the shade and nursed. I was thinking as I was sitting under that tree watching some of my kids play with Brian, and snuggling close to another one, about how amazingly blessed I am.  The past three days have been virtually pain-free as far as the breastfeeding goes. Knock on wood!! I am actually enjoying it. Also the last three days, Rosemary has slept through the night. Woo hoo!! So, praise God for three good days in a row. But more than that, praise God for a place like the Botanical Gardens. Praise God for a family that enjoys going there. Praise God for the breeze today and the sunshine and all the fragrant, radiant flowers. Praise God for tussie mussies! :) During our leisurely morning, we had read a chapter in Anne of Green Gables. It was the one where Anne goes to church for the first time, and reports that the prayer spoken by the minister was very long and boring, so she looked out the window and saw a beautiful flower and simply said, "Thank You God for that flower" over and over as her prayer. I think sometimes it's easy to forget saying a simple "Thank You God" for little things like flowers and sunshine and good days. But as the Bible says in James, every good and perfect gift is from Him. Praise Him for it all. Even the tussie-mussies!

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  1. Great post! It is so awesome to be thankful for so much! Be careful with the Lamb's ear. It will take over your yard!!! It is taking over our's. But it is so cool.