Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Favorites and Pet Peeves

So I have two lists for today. First, some of my favorite things about my darling kids. Second, some of my pet peeves that come with the territory of being a SAHM. Ahem. . .

Allie- she has the biggest, kindest heart. She cares about her friends, her sisters, and every creature (human or not) that she meets. She is everybody's friend.

Maggie- I LOVE watching her little personality bud and grow. In this last year, she has become so much less like a whiney 2 year old and so much more of a fun little person. I love the way she looks at things and describes things. She notices detail and has a GREAT memory. A smart one, she is. You can't pull one over on her!

Penelope- She is such a happy little girl!! She smiles and laughs and claps all the time. She loves life. And food. HA! I love being the first one to get her up in the morning. She's so sweet and cuddly. And I love that when I've been away from her, when she sees me again, her eyes light up, she laughs and reaches for a great big hug. :)

Rosemary- I love smelling her sweet baby breath and feeling her soft baby skin and watching her grow each day. I can tell she wants to be in the middle of her sisters, getting into whatever they are into!

So, some of my pet peeves:
1) Going to put Penelope in the high chair and realizing that I forgot to clean it out from last time she ate in it. She's messy.
2) Going to make a bottle and realizing that there isn't a clean one.
3) The rate at which we lose juice cups.
4) Four girls = insane amounts of laundry
5) When someone pees in their sheets THE FIRST DAY after I washed everybody's sheets.


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  1. Such sweet girls! I love you pet peeve list. I might have to make one of those. I totally agree with the high chair one. I remember those days. And the juice cups. Oh my goodness. We go through them so fast!!