Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Allie and her Great Big Heart

I mentioned yesterday that Allie has a huge heart. Let me brag on my child expound on that a little. :)

Most recently, on Sunday night, our choir put on a very moving concert titled "Jesus Saves". Usually Allie is in AWANA on Sunday nights, but because of the concert AWANA did not meet, and Allie and Maggie were in the service with us. When altar call came, Allie whispered to me that she would like to go down front and pray. She said she wanted to go alone. I noticed when she got down that Bro. John Crocker intercepted her, but she said something to him and then went on to the altar and prayed. After church I asked her what he said. She said, "He asked if I wanted to make a decision. I said 'No, I'm already saved. I'm going to the altar to pray for my friends who are not.'" Oh Lord. Give me a heart like that.

Breastfeeding Rosemary has been a big deal around our house lately. Mainly because I do it ALL THE TIME. Last weekend at Whistle Stop, the time came for her to eat- of course, it was when I was trying to eat, too. I covered Rosemary up and started nursing her, and Allie came to the seat beside me and started feeding me. She helped me keep my cover up AND gave me bites and sips whenever I needed them. :) Also, sometimes when Rosemary latches on, it hurts and I can't help but let out a yell. Wherever Allie is in the house, if she hears the yell, she lets out a similar yell but makes it sound funny. She realized that when she does that it makes me laugh, so now she starts acting like a monkey when I yell. Because I kind of sound like a monkey when I yell at that time. And it makes me smile and not hurt so much. :)

Her dad recently got remarried. I asked her how she felt about it all. She said, "Oh, I'm happy. Both my parents are happy and in love. You've both found the right ones for you." ?!?!?!! Could only be a gift of God that she feels that way. Thank you Lord!!

Allie and I have been watching American Idol together since the tryouts in the beginning. Remember the guy who sang, "Pants on the Ground"? We laughed and laughed at him. Well, just yesterday we were out on the back deck having a snack. I gave Penelope some chips, which of course she spilled all over the deck. Allie sang, "Chips on the ground, chips on the ground. . . lookin' like a fool with your chips on the ground." HA!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard I was hurting. That girl is SO much fun. I love you Allie!!!

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  1. wow, allie sounds like such a sweetheart!! and that is awesome that she makes you laugh when you are trying to nurse! I had to let out a few yells early on with Elsie and I think it just scared Hatcher! :) Glad she is distracting you a little from the pain though! We miss you guys and are glad you are all doing well!