Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have some really awesome friends. I'm not going to try to name each one and how they are awesome, because a) I would be writing for days, and b) I would invariably leave someone important out. But let me tell you about two recent moments of awesomeness that have left me feeling blessed and loved beyond comprehension.  (WARNING: I say awesome a lot in this post. I can't help it. It's the best way to describe my friends. I need a thesaurus I guess. :))

A couple of weeks ago, Brian and I were invited to our friends Rich and Linda's house for dinner. They feed us a lot. And it is always delicious. On this particular night, the girls and I were meeting Brian at Rich and Linda's after he got off work, and by the time I arrived I was in tears from a very long, tiring day. I explained to Linda that I was so busy I kept forgetting to eat, which made me even more tired and weary, etc. Linda started handing me stuff, like yogurt, and trail mix, while she was cooking. I left her house full and feeling 100% better. When Brian got home, he had tons of leftovers and a command from Linda for me to eat a second dinner. :) The next day, Linda came over with an entire box of healthy snacks for me. Granola bars, yogurt, smoothies, almonds, trail mix, chips, popcorn, fruit. I was speechless. Linda is awesome.

Then at Sunday school, my friend Lindsey has been asking me how breastfeeding is going and giving me lots of encouragement. Last week, I noticed her toes looked so good in her sandals. :) I pointed out my close-toed shoes and explained that the reason I was wearing them was because I hadn't had time to get a pedicure or even take the chipped paint off and repaint my toenails. She said she took her polish off one night, then put a new coat on the next night, etc until she finally had her toes finished. Eating the elephant one bite at a time so to speak. :) I didn't get to Sunday school today because Penelope was sick, but when Brian got home he had a gift from Lindsey for me. It was a pedicure set, complete with polish, in a cute little bag. :) And a sweet note of encouragement that made me cry. Lindsey has been going through some pretty rough stuff herself lately, but had thought of me and taken the time to let me know about it. Lindsey is awesome.

Thanks girls!! I love you both!! Thank You God for friendship!!

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  1. Thanks Julie - I'm glad it made you happy. Hope you'll take the time to enjoy it! :) Mine are looking rough again - guess I need to start my "one day at a time" process over!