Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early Labor and Beautiful Weather

WOW it has been a BEAUTIFUL weekend!! Talk about spring fever, I have it in spades now!! Thank you LORD for these awesome few days of sunshine and warmth. What an interesting few days it has been, too. I went to the doctor for my 37 week checkup on Wednesday. They said I was still 2 cm dilated and about 50% effaced. But holy moly it hurt when she checked me and I was crampy for at least 48 hours after it!! Thursday night I was feeling the cramps, had been feeling lots of tightness and pressure, and was going to the bathroom for #2 about every hour. I mentioned it to some girlfriends I was eating with on Thursday night, and they all were like," You're gonna have that baby soon!" Well I guess the power of suggestion, or maybe just me being ready for it to happen, or a combination of the two, I had contractions all night long. I don't think I slept at all. They never got closer than 10 minutes apart or unbearably strong though, so I was unsure on Friday morning. My precious friend Michelle called to check on me, and suggested that I call the doctor. They wanted to see me in 30 minutes, so sweet Michelle came and watched the girls while I went to be checked out. I was another cm dilated (now 3 cm), but still pretty thick and the baby was apparently still pretty high. So what did I do. . . came home and CLEANED, walked around the block, pretty much everything I could think of to get things going. Then the contractions all but stopped. Saturday morning I decided, I'm not going to try to push it or stop it, I'm just going to enjoy this beautiful day and let things happen as they will. And what a wonderful day it was!! 65 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. We loaded up the double stroller and Allie's scooter and went to the Greenway as a family. Then we ate at Chick Fil A and ran into some great friends there. Came home and pretty much played outside the rest of the day. I laid out a quilt on the front lawn and relaxed, Brian brought me chocolate :), the girls kept coming over and hugging me. Even sweet Maggie lay beside me for probably 20 minutes, which is almost unheard of. She doesn't stop moving unless she's asleep. :) I felt contractions all day long, but not a consistent or difficult pattern. Brian cooked dinner, and we watched a movie after the girls went to bed. It was just nice to really have a day of unplanned fun with the family. I kept thinking, I don't know when we'll be going to the hospital to have this baby and be away from our girls for 2-3 days, so I want to love on them while I can. They almost seemed to know it too and responded to the extra love and attention. It was nice. :) Today has been another beautiful day. We've spent most of it outside, and I'm about to go to a birthday dinner for a girlfriend. I'm feeling contractions. I feel like my body is slowly but ever so surely preparing for labor. But instead of sitting and waiting on something to happen, I'm going to do my best to enjoy these final days of having her inside me and relish them instead of trying to hurry them up. What a difference a little sunshine makes!! :)

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