Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Random Post

Sorry for the randomness of the thoughts in this post, but it's how my mind is working these days. Not very cohesive! I'm glad I have a doctor's appointment in the morning because I'm nauseated, crampy, having lots of lower back pain, lots of discharge (sorry, TMI), the whole nine yards. I'm brainstorming ways to convince Dr. Kakani to go ahead and break my water. Should I bake brownies for her? Offer to clean her house? Buy her an expensive watch? I'm ready to do just about anything at this point. :)

A couple of "happies" in the last days. You know we were outside pretty much nonstop this weekend. One advantage to that is that we see our neighbors a lot. We are best friends with our neighbors in the summertime, then hardly see them in the winter while we're all hibernating. Anyway, our neighbors across the street who have two girls brought two bags of 3T girl clothes for Maggie (score!) and another bag of toddler shoes. YAY! I especially loved the "I Heart Dad" shirt and footie pajamas. We also saw our next door neighbors, who told us they are pregnant with TWINS!!! How exciting! Fist pregnancy and it's twins. I am so excited for Jeff and Anna Claire.

I caught VH1's "I Love the 80's" on TV this weekend too. I LOVE that show!! We don't typically watch VH1 unless that is on. They have some hilarious commentators who joke about things like stonewashed jeans, eighties hair, jelly shoes, etc. They have "I Love The . . . " for the 70's and 90's too, but my favorite is the 80's because I remember thinking those things were rad. I listened to Debbie Gibson and NKOTB and Tiffany "I Think We're Alone Now". I had a perm with big bangs. I sported tight-rolled stonewashed Guess jeans with bows on the ankle zippers. AND I collected scratch n sniff stickers. Now that is one thing I wish you could still find. I loved me some scratch n sniff. I have been able to find bubble stickers for the girls, but not scratch n sniff. If anyone knows where to find some, I'd love to hear about it.

Brian continues to be The World's Best Husband. :) It's the little things. . . . when he got home from work last night and I hadn't started dinner, he said, "What do you want me to fix?" and when I said, "Jason's Deli", he took me there. :) Afterwards we stopped at Walgreen's to get him a new pair of clippers and me some travel size shampoos for the hospital, and he got me a 4-pack of Cadbury eggs that I didn't even notice until he put them by my bed this morning. What a good man. :) He knows I love Cadbury eggs.

Aunt Valerie sent the girls a package in the mail yesterday. She wasn't able to come for Penelope's birthday party because she was snowed in in Pittsburgh, PA (where she lives), so she sent her gift and some gifts for the girls. She ROCKS. Cute clothes for Penny, and the ever-so-popular candy necklaces and bracelets for Maggie and Allie. They also each had their own Valentine from Valerie. It was sweet. Thanks Valerie!!

My friend Linda and her son Frank stopped by for a short visit today, during which she took out my trash and swept my floor. What would I do without Linda. Life would not be as amazing. Love you Linda!!


  1. Bribery might work for the doctor!! You never know. Have you guys tried the good old fashion way to induce labor? Some "special time" as husband and wife. Worked for us!!

  2. Brian says he likes that suggestion. :) we've certainly tried it, but whether it works or not it's probably a good thing to do. :)