Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Monday, February 15, 2010

14 Random Things

They are going to induce my labor with Rosemary in 14 days if she's not here yet, and you all know by now how I love lists, so this is just a list of random things on my mind today that will serve as a countdown. . . :)

1) The bunk beds in Allie and Maggie's rooms are working out great and look fabulous with their matching bed-in-a-bags from Target! Don't you think?

2)I got (sort of) a start on making the playroom look decent just by putting some wall clings up and letting Allie display some of her favorite artwork. Did I mention that this room also serves as a guest room/storage area so this is why it's hard to make it "cute"???

3) We looked at lights this weekend because our living room has not a single light in it, making it too dark. We decided on track lighting. Whatever. I really really stink at picking out stuff like lighting and ceiling fans and pretty much any house detail. Brushed nickel? Copper finish? I don't know. It's virtually impossible for me to envision something and how it will look before it's actually in my house. Thus, we have what you would call an "eclectic" theme running through our house. Eclectic is a nice way of saying that nothing matches. I would either be the worst person in the world to build a house with or the best, depending on if you like to make all the decisions or not. This is why if I built a home, it would be like an Adams Home or something where they only give you three choices. Too many choices= I go insane.

4) I also have no fashion sense. Especially when it comes to accessorizing. I have no idea what shoes, purse, earrings, or necklace to put with what. Knowing that ahead of time will stop you from asking, "what was she thinking when she put that on?" the next time you see me. :)
5) Brian says all this is okay because I'm a fabulous mom. :)

6) Hey look- I scrapbooked last Easter without using a single bunny or Easter egg or baby chick!! At least I know what I like on a piece of paper.

7) We had Penelope's one year checkup this morning. She weighs exactly 20 lbs and is exactly 30 inches long. That puts her at just below 50% on her weight and just above 75% on her height, which, isn't that what every girl wants?? :) I think she is perfect. Poor thing had to get shots.

8) I also had to answer a lot of questions about her development, which always makes me nervous. How many words is she saying? Is she trying to stand/walk/cruise on her own? Is she pointing? Waving? Imitating sounds? Makes my head spin. I try to count words and wonder if "Mamamamamamamama" counts as a word since I know what she means by that is, "I love you Mama." :) (yes, my response to her is always "I love you too Penelope"- even if she just looks at me and says, "blahhhh!!!") :)

9) Brian did awesome on Valentine's this year. We had a cell phone-less date (yay!), and he went to Trade Fair Marketplace to get my gifts. He got Higher Ground coffee (score!), Decadent dark chocolates (double score!) and a beautiful necklace from Chile (triple scoop score! It's pretty!!) He got a pocket knife from the hardware store. Hey, don't judge. It's what he wanted. He's that kind of guy. :)

10) Allie and I have a "just the two of us" outing tomorrow. She has a dental appointment, which I know she dreads, so I thought I would make it fun. I'm getting a sitter for the other two so I can focus on her at the dentist, then take her for a haircut, then we are going to the library WITHOUT little ones. I know you may be wondering, why is that fun for a nine year old? Trust me, she LOVES the library. And it will be SO much more enjoyable when she and I can look at books without me having to say, "No Penelope, don't pick up lint off the carpet" and "Maggie, don't pull all the books off the shelf".

11) I've heard that trying to clean house while the kids are still young is like trying to shovel snow while it's still snowing. I couldn't agree more. My house is a wreck right now. But I finally stopped picking up all the alphabet magnets since 5 minutes later, they are scattered again.

12) Every time I see people I know, I feel like they are thinking, "wow, is she STILL pregnant? Is this the longest pregnancy ever or what?" Or maybe it's just me that feels that way. I heard a song by the Ramones called "I Wanna Be Sedated" that I kept hearing in my head during the last few weeks with Penelope. I'm starting to hear it now.

13) As part of our date, we went to Barnes and Noble, and I got a journal called "The Happy Journal", where it asks questions about things that make you happy.

14) One page asks about people that make you happy. The first person that came to mind was my friend Tracy Rogers. She is 39 and the mother of three little girls and recently became a widow when her husband died of cancer at 39. Yet she is the happiest person I know. She is a THRILL to be around. I'm so thankful to know her!!! It also asked about songs that make you happy just hearing them. "Me and Bobby McGee" is the first song on the list. :)


  1. Love those wall clings, and the girls beds are so cute! Where is the Trade Fair Marketplace?? Sounds cool! And I think you are the cutest preggers mamma...little Rosemary just likes to stay nice and cozy warm, my kids did too!

  2. Such a fun post!! Love the wall clings. Not much longer and Miss Rosemary will be here.