Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rodgers House CEO

I'm feeling a bit like a CEO tonight. I tend to do that towards the weekend. I look at how the week went and evaluate what we need to do differently next week, how we can improve this or that. I know, we're a family, not a business. But, I am pretty sure that God wants me to take this assignment seriously. So tonight, while Brian is at Men's Fraternity, I've got the kids down early and I'm lesson-planning, schedule-tweaking, to-do-list-making, and listening to music on Pandora (which I LOVE, thank you Linda for introducing me to it!) Many of my "plans" don't go "as planned", but if there is at least a plan to begin with, I do a lot better. If it's just me and there's no plan, awesome. But when I've got three kids looking to me for "what's next?", I need a plan. :) Now, if the toddler in the big girl bed would just keep her feet under the covers and off the floor, "as planned". . . .

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