Just the Nine of Us

Just the Nine of Us

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Entry in my Prayer Journal 19 Nov 09

Okay, so now we're really getting personal. Told you you would be my journal. :) I found out some wonderful news yesterday that was definitely an answer to prayer: Brian is coming home from Alaska!!!! Praise the Lord!! And I think maybe he will stay here for awhile because God has provided more jobs here at home. Thank You Jesus. I am so ready to have my man home to be my husband and helper in this overwhelming thing called parenting. So here was my journal entry this morning. I have included some pictures of my feet just to show you what I mean about gross.

Heavenly Father, I am exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. I have poured out my heart to You over these last weeks concerning my children and their health, my husband and his company, my various friends going through such things as cancer and pregnancy complications, and my aching, growing body. I am trusting that even when You haven't seemed to answer right away, You were answering even as I was speaking. I am choosing to trust Your power and not man's intelligence. Please show Yourself strong and mighty on behalf of the Rodgers family in the coming weeks. We need You, how we need You.

Lord, You are the Great Physician. And my kids are sick. I have Lysoled, cleaned sheets, dusted blinds, given comfort, taken advice from anyone who would listen about how to help these kids. But YOU are the One with all the power. You alone can make them well. Please Lord, show Your power in their little bodies. Heal their coughs, their fevers, their runny noses. Give us wisdom in taking care of their physical needs. Comfort them in ways we can't. In the meantime, give us peace that You are in control and You are watching over them.

THANK YOU LORD that my husband is finally coming home. Please God I beg You, keep him home for awhile. I know He owns a company and He needs to be out working and I thank You SO much for providing jobs for him. I thank You for the job coming up in December. I know You gave it to him and I praise you for it. Between now and then Lord, could you please give him some time at home with his family? Please give us the gift of his presence to let me prop my feet up, wipe some noses for me, love and comfort me and the kids, and be the strong leader of our home. Give us time together to love each other, talk things out, pray together, make decisions together, and be a couple as You intended it to be.

Finally Lord, I pray that you would keep this baby inside me healthy until her birthday. I know You already know the day and time she will arrive, and I pray You would protect her until that day. Give us a name for her. I pray that a perfect name would come from You that would speak blessing over her life and "fit" her. Give me wisdom in what I can and can't do while I am carrying her. Help me to take really good care of my body during this time. Heal these gross blue veins in my legs and feet.

Thank you Lord Almighty. You are Power and Glory and all things Wonderful. I bring you these requests in the name of Your Son Jesus, knowing that You are the One who can work wonders.



  1. Those look like the feet of someone who has been carrying too heavy of a load for too long of a time. We can fool our heads sometime, but we can't fool our bodies. :(
    I'm glad you took time to journal your prayers today. It is a great way to stay focused during prayer time, and it also gives you a way to be able to look back and realize that God heard every word and every request when the answers come "in His time."
    I know you and the girls will cherish your time tonight as a whole family once again. I love you, Momma

  2. I am claiming Romans 10:15 for you! I believe that you are bringing the gospel to those you meet (i.e.Allie's little friend) and that you are bringing glad tidings of good things (a beautiful daughter)! Maybe I am trying to apply this too literally, but I haven't thought of that scripture, or read it in years. Yet, as soon as I saw those pictures I thought of it!! I think you are beautiful and I know that God does too. Love you, Val